Effective management is very key to a company’s bottom line. Are you a manager who wants to strengthen their managerial skills? Or you want to up your game in your managerial performance? If so, you need to keep your chin up for the right managerial qualities. Outlined below are some of those qualities you need to watch out as a manager or aspiring one.

Able to build a work culture of mutual trust. In an organization, there has to be risky experiments that will only succeed if a manager is receptive to his or her employees’ ideas. Great innovations come with mistakes on their way. As such, build that trust with your employees in a way that current mistakes will not forego their potentials.

Focus on the employee’s strengths. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. By appreciating your employee’s strengths, you not only increase growth and development but also performance in your organizations. Previous studies have shown that strength-based organizations increase their employee retention by up to 72%.

Avoid micro-management. Successful managers don’t rule over every detail. You have to invest in your team’s success. Don’t fall in the trap of guarding every detail as that will diminish your employees’ initiatives and motivation.

Be assertive. Assertiveness goes hand in hand with empathy and diplomacy. As a manager, you must be able to overcome resistance and focus more on your employees’ success.

Build and develop your employees’ careers. Always prepare and encourage your employees to grow. Try as much to identify opportunities within your employees and help them master new skills. This deepens your success as an entire organization.

Able to handle the pressure. One of the key responsibilities of a manager is ensuring targets are not only met but met in time. There are days you will feel targets have not been achieved but you have to focus more on your employees’ effort for past achievements.

Honesty. Give direct feedback with no hidden truths to your employees but in a polite manner. Make them feel free, to be honest with you to allow transparency in your organization.

Open-minded. Don’t be rigid. Accept change and be open to ideas. Share your ideas and leave room for critics and creativity.

Recognize and reward good work. This created a sense of belonging and improves employee engagement, productivity and not to mention loyalty.

Be a role model. Set an example by expressing the skills that you expect from your organization.

These are just but a few qualities you have to watch out for in your field or management.