Working in a company that promotes workplace wellness helps you love your job more. Such workplaces have traits that command excellence, camaraderie, power, and productivity. Wouldn’t you like to work in a positive workplace? Below are some of the guidelines for you to spot one;
1. Good values
At the core of value is a company’s mission statement. It can help you understand the company values. It shows the goals and commitment towards customers, employees, and shareholders. Does the company have values that help achieve goals in an ethical and honest manner?
2. Atmosphere
A positive workplace has a productive but relaxed atmosphere. Look out for signs of fear, lack of trust, sexual harassment, bullying or intimidation. Go for one that promotes creativity and productivity.
3. Committed to excellence
Employees are the most crucial human resource in the company. Employees should seek to deliver the best quality products and services. A positive workplace allows employees to take responsibility for their decisions and actions.
4. Transparent communication
Employees should communicate in an honest and open manner. This should include solving problems in a positive way. They also take feedback and view it as a chance for their growth.
5. Empowerment and support
A positive workplace is one that promotes a win-win attitude. It makes employees feel that they can perform a certain task well. Rewards need to be in place when they go the extra mile in ensuring that quality is front and center. These employees will feel united and empowered. This environment promotes healthy competition.
6. Some humor
Employees should get a chance to have fun and laugh a little, while focused on the core values. This is a natural antidepressant and they will perform better.
7. Passion, understanding and, respect
Life happens, such as sickness, accidents, natural disasters, and tragedies. Positive workplaces show understanding, concern, and kindness. Similarily, when employees have good things to celebrate such as a newborn, graduation or wedding, they need support, respect, and compassion.
8. Flexible
Such workplace embraces change, integrates new skills, trends, and technology. Employees and the company limit the company’s growth without flexibility.
9. Positive reinforcement
Everyone needs to feel acknowledged, motivated and appreciated. Promotions, compliments, certificates of merit and bonuses should be genuine.
10. Family, health, and environment
A positive workplace gives comprehensive health insurance. The corporate cafeteria should also have a healthy menu, and the gym should be well equipped.
By now you know what to look out for in an employer. These and other qualities of a positive workplace can help you choose a company that helps you grow in your career.