Successful companies prioritize on developing a unique culture that’s enviable. People will judge you based on the practices and values of your workforce. Having an enviable company culture is paramount to the future growth of your small business. Great companies develop distinct cultures by;

  • Creating great work environments
  • Building winning teams that reflects their core values
  • Promoting open communication
  • Remaining transparent
  • Embracing failures and mistakes and
  • Offering incentives to their workforce

How can you tell whether you have an enviable workplace culture?

Here’s how:

1. Everyone is in love with your team

Sometimes, people get motivated by other things rather than by monetary gains. Building a distinct workforce culture gives people a reason to fall in love with your team. Subsequently, they would do anything within their power to join your team.

2. Low turnover

It is common for companies to experience high turnover mainly due to low salaries, poor working conditions, discrimination, unfairness, and unhealthy workplace cultures. Interestingly, businesses with enviable workplace cultures tend to experience low turnover, which helps in retaining unique talents.

3. Time is used constructively

Rich workplace cultures have no room for idlers, gossipers, and distractors. You’ll never find people wasting their time on unproductive things. Instead; everyone is determined to use their time constructively to achieve the company’s core goals.

4. Job security

People don’t like being in an environment that makes them feel insecure about their positions. A great workplace culture, on the other hand, makes employees have job security. In such setups, people encourage each other to succeed.

5. People are self-driven and energetic

Companies that have enviable cultures take pride in having a highly energized and self-driven workforce. In fact, they project their efforts and time towards accomplishing the company’s missions or values.

6. Great teamwork

Workers in great cultures have a tendency to embrace togetherness, collaboration, and team building. Effective teamwork leads to increased productivity and overall growth.

7. Passionate team members

A great workplace culture encourages people to be passionate about their jobs. Team members enjoy doing what they do and are more than willing to go over and beyond for the sake of the company.

8. People are happy

Is your workforce happy and contented with their jobs? Well, you certainly have a great workplace culture if everyone is always smiling.

9. Change is embraced rather than dreaded

Those working in friendlier work environments have nothing against change. On the contrary, they welcome change with open-mindedness.

10. Employees feel appreciated and valued

A team that feels valued and appreciated is the greatest asset any company can have in their possession. People need to know that they are more than just mere employees executing their tasks.

11. Presence of effective communication

People are not afraid to communicate their ideas, opinions or grievances from the top management to the bottom. Both leaders and their subordinates are willing to find solutions to the challenges they face together through effective communication.

12. Increased productivity

Everyone is willing to get out of their comfort zones for a common goal. Businesses that have enviable workplace cultures tend to be the most successful in terms of increased productivity.


Good workplace culture is, without doubt, a necessity for businesses that want to have a competitive edge over their competitors. Apart from that, an enviable culture builds brand identity, increases loyalty, attracts and retains talents among other benefits.