Tips to Advance Gender Equity When You Return to Office

Pandemic has disturbed our work routines for so long. Many people are working from home during the shutdown, and few others are waiting eagerly to reopen their workplaces. As we start settling into the new normal, the business leaders need to follow adequate procedures for establishing gender equality in their premises.

Stats reveal that this lockdown may supercharge the gender equity progress, and the rework policies may be significantly affected. In this new chapter, men and women may not get equal opportunities to work.

Before the pandemic hit the world, women spent more time to complete unpaid work at home. They may have to take more time off to take care of the family, children, and other household responsibilities. Although most of the companies follow flexible work arrangements and parental leave facilities, most of the duties ultimately fall into the lives of women alone. Several perceptions have proved motherhood more likely a penalty that limits career opportunities for females.

But the pandemic has established new trends as long-term disruption from work routines made parents equally responsible for household needs. If we look at the scenario of a few months back, even when both the partners are working on high paying jobs, the woman is generally expected to do more homework, childcare, and other household chores. These aspects lead to more anxiety for women. But after this pandemic, men also learned the tactics of managing household chores, and they have fostered relationships with kids and family. These lifestyle changes must now reflect in the workplace as well.

Here we have a few recommendations for the new normal:

Advocate flexible work arrangements:

During this extended period of lockdown, most of the companies have experienced the benefits of remote work. Not just females, even most males are now willing to work remotely while sharing the equal household load with their partners. The flexible work arrangements can help set up a favorable work model, and it can also boost employee performance in the long run. Companies can even think of relaxed weekends so that people can manage their family schedules as well.

Think about working parents:

It is the right time to encourage paid sick leave for employees. Men can also give their fair share for child care by staying at home. Off-site and remote work arrangements can also be more smart solutions. Natural gender balance is a must at all organizations, and the benefits must be attainable at all levels. The working parents must be given options to manage their work and family life balance.

Show off family life:

When someone needs to take leave for family responsibility, they should not hide the truth; instead, it must be brought to notice more loudly. Often, men try to choose a black door or silent sign off so that colleagues cannot see their absence. But the family priorities should not be kept in the negative light. It is essential to follow open communication and set up a collaborative environment for healthy returns.

It is high time when both parents need to work equally for building relationships and emotional connections. Work-life balance is a must at every level, and it is possible only if the business owners and managers start considering gender equality at the workplace.