Team building activities are great for enhancing competition/bragging rights, communication, productivity, morale, motivation, better leadership skills, tolerance, bonding, confidence, encourages creativity, positive reinforcements, problem-solving skills, and teamwork in any organization. People are more collaborative and efficient when they value great commanderies. The main aim of team building is to engage in various activities that are not only challenging but fun.
Team building activities can come in the form of music& rhythm activities, innovation&invention, interactive business games, active team building, creative team challenges, out & about, engaging interactions, and environment community, among others.
Here are 31 team building activities your team will love

1. Egg Drop
Egg Drop is a typical team building game that promotes unity, creative problem solving, and high collaboration and engagement.

2. Talking in Circles
Talking in Circles is an exciting, challenging, and fun game that your team will enjoy engaging. It factors in excellent communication and coordination skills among team-players.

3. Dog, Rice, Chicken
This team-building activity is quite intriguing. Generally, it requires proper planning and creative thinking. This game is highly effective in promoting creative problem solving, creativity, and good teamwork.

4. Two sides of a Coin
Requires a team of a minimum of two coming together to discuss a situation then solve it. The game promotes good teamwork, creativity, and unity.

5. Blind Drawing
This game promotes excellent communication, interpretation, creativity, and trust. It requires two teammates sitting back to back with one given a picture to interpret without using words.

6. Three Truths and a Lie
Three Truths and a Lie is one of the most exciting and hassle-free team-building activities in the world. Three players sit in a circle; each must state four facts about self; three of the total are right while one is wrong. Members must pinpoint the lie.

7. Team Birthday Line Up
Team Birthday Line Up is an incredible team-building activity that focuses on better communication, cooperation, and creative problem-solving.

8. Tower of Hanoi
This team-building game has a mathematical twist in it, making it ideal for creative problem solving and better planning. It’s perfect for group discussions.

9. Frostbite
This game is great for encouraging excellent communication skills, better management & leadership skills, resilience, and patience among team members.

10. Pencil Drop
The objective of the game is to encourage teamwork, excellent communication, and better relationships in a team.

11. Flip it over
Flip it over promotes collaboration, teamwork, tolerance, and creative decision making.

12. Salt and Pepper
Salt and Pepper is an appealing team activity that focuses on testing team members’ communication skills and cognitive abilities.

13. Spider Web
Group members engaging in Spider Web learn a lot about trust, support, leadership, cooperation, and persistence.

14. The Barter Puzzle
This team activity takes between 1 to 2 hours, depending on the players’ level of intelligence, quick decision-making, and cooperation. It’s ideal for encouraging good teamwork, problem-solving, and a winning mentality in a team.

Other interesting activities include:
15. Human Knot
16. Goodie Bag Skits
17. Scavenger Hunt
18. Helium Stick
19. Scramble Puzzle
20. Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower
21. Desert Survival
22. Bonding Belt
23. 4-Way Tug-Of-War
24. Blind Wine Waiter
25. Perfect Question
26. Sneak a Peek
27. Game of Possibilities
28. Winner/Loser
29. The Perfect Square
30. The Mine Field
31. The Barter Puzzle


Organizations that know the importance of team-building in development cannot overlook the need to incorporate team building activities and exercises in their company’s culture.