The coronavirus pandemic forced or motivated several people to leave their existing jobs. Those who couldn’t continue their jobs due to extended lockdown measures; however, many others decided to go jobs because they found ways to pursue their passion. No matter what was the reason for an individual to step out, this movement was widely recognized as the Great Resignation.

For several people, the flexibility in work became the prime reason for leaving their current job; however, many others wanted a change in lifestyle after a stressful pandemic year. Beyond all, this scenario gave a new purpose to our lives and helped us step out of a stagnant life.

If you are a little confused about whether it is good to join the Great Resignation movement or are confused if it is the right time to make a transition in your career, there are a few signs that you should first evaluate. So here, we have indicated a few signs that you need to observe to understand if it is the right time to leave your job.

  • Your current job is not supporting your growth.

Even the most experienced athletes prefer to diversify their training approaches or routines. This routine is because following a consistent pattern may cease our growth at some point. When you feel that the source of purpose is not helping you in development, it is better to look for a change. Although it requires a lot of effort and patience to decide to leave the job, you have to set up a plan for everything.

  • You don’t see anything new to aspire at the current position

We often feel that there is no growth in our current position because nothing is left to achieve further. Maybe you are satisfied with the period and now want to find something more meaningful for life. In this scenario, you can step out to accept new challenges in life.

  • You try to find ways to avoid your work.

When you don’t like something or are unwilling to do it, you start procrastinating. To avoid it, you may begin choosing any other activity such as scrolling over social media feeds, checking emails, watching YouTube videos, or doing cleaning at home for no reason. If you do this, you need a break from your current work and want a new approach to growing in life.

  • You work with burnout, exhaustion, and dreaded mind

Maybe you loved your job initially, but now the tasks are getting hard on you. The chances are that you feel this company is not suitable for you or the work culture doesn’t fit your preferences. If you feel exhausted, tired, burnout, and dread mind all the time, it means you require a change in your job.

When you feel that your workplace has become an unhealthy place for your mind, it is better to switch to some better options in your career. It will help you grow in life while maintaining a fresh and positive mindset.