Brand visibility is the key to consistency in business. Your brand should stand for something unique for consumers to differentiate your business from others. A style guide can help you maintain consistency if you get it right. This vital document outlines the set standards that define your brand including imagery, voice, tone, and messaging. Your style guide should have the ability to promote team togetherness both internally and externally. A well-crafted style guide can lead to success since it promotes brand loyalty, trust, and authority.

Want to create an outstanding style guide for your company?

Here are 4 tips for developing an effective style guide.

1. Include all relevant elements in your style guide.

You’ve probably finished writing an overview of what your company is all about and you’re ready to go. The first thing you should consider doing is to list all the existing elements you think will make a difference in your brand. Your style guide should include all the necessary elements including; images, fonts, logos, colors, target audience, typography, brand mission/vision/values, and tone/voice. Be selective with your elements to avoid confusing your potential customers.

2. Keep it simple and visually appealing.

Avoid pomposity when creating your style guide. People tend to disconnect from preachy and overly pompous style guides. Instead, make your guide a little bit appealing visually. Make it as relevant and stunning as possible without going overboard. Find a way of combining the right elements to reinforce your brand values. Consider producing a guide that offers guidance rather than preaching. You can always browse the internet for appealing style guide samples if you’re having trouble getting started.

3. Make it accessible.

It will not make sense to have a well-designed style guide if it cannot be accessed conveniently. It will be impossible for your employees to adhere to the outlined guidelines if they cannot access it. For convenience and efficiency purposes, it is important to distribute both physical and digital copies of your style guide in all the right places including the company’s website and social media platforms.

4. Be creative.

Use your creativity and imaginations to come up with a great style guide for your business. Provide realistic visual and art-worked examples, get your color palettes right, typography, templates, formatting, be specific and use the right tone. Your creativity should be empowering enough to allow you to communicate your brand’s messaging without annoying the very people you’re working so hard to impress.

While at it, consider showing collateral flexibility and leaving room for improvement in your style guide. Take it a notch higher by ensuring that your brand visions are well articulated through an educative guide. Embrace the above tips to create an irresistible and well-crafted style guide that will lead to an easy journey to success.