Do you dream of getting a promotion at your job? Well, your ambitions can become a reality if you play your cards well. You’re mistaken if you expect anything to be handed on a silver platter. That annual salary raises you keep anticipating will not happen out of the blue. Being the best in what you do does not necessarily guarantee that you will get what you wish for. You’ll have to work your way to the top on merit. How? It’s simple as ABC. Get out of your comfort zone and kick your effort up a notch.

Here are 4 Ways to Go Above and Beyond at Your Job

Be smart and well-Organized

The top management has an affinity for creativity, resilience and good organization. Don’t just wish for that recognition, raise or promotion; come up with brilliant ways of getting what you want. Being well-organized is a good way of starting your journey to the top. Do your research well before contributing to meetings. Plan well and execute them effectively to increase your chances of shining. Be presentable, well-organized and creative. It won’t be long before your superiors notice you.

Be a good communicator

Good communication skills can take you a step closer to your dreams. Woe your management the right through effective communication. Being a good communicator makes it easier for you to articulate your ideas with eloquence. Be a good listener, process information before giving feedback and you will undoubtedly stand out from the rest. After all, good communication is the key to increased efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Apart from that, effective communication boosts team building, growth, trust, overall performance, employees’ morale, and customer service. How can I improve my communication skills? Well, define expectations & objectives, listen keenly, show empathy, include everyone in your communication and remember to get your medium right.

Be a team player

Successful companies have a soft spot for effective team players. Be willing to extend your helping hand to others without waiting for them to ask for it. Help your colleagues meet impending deadlines whenever you can. Being a team player just to help achieve your company’s goals will get you on the good side with the management and other team members. Remember, good team players, complain less even when they feel frustrated. Choose to be a complaint recipient, and mentor to your colleagues. Your positive influence will probably help improve productivity, boost team building and build solid relationships with everyone.

Value Education

Sometimes, getting promoted at work takes more than just being a top performer. To get to the top of the ladder you’ll have to prove beyond doubt that you can make important decisions and have exceptional leadership skills. Make yourself indispensable by going for your degree. The beauty of modernity is that you can now get your degree without attending a single class physically. All you have to do is enroll with a reputable online university.

Final thought

Making yourself promotable at your work will take more than taking directions obediently, showing up on time and being the last to leave the office. Use the above tips and be the vision your company has been looking for.