In the competitive world, we live in today, finding jobs isn’t easy and what is even more difficult is creating them yourself. That is, being an entrepreneur. The challenges they face, the constant need to appease clients, finding investors, building a good rapport with employees and so much more, makes being an entrepreneur a tough job. To make it in whichever field you are in, the desire to grow and push on is what sets apart successful and serious entrepreneurs from jokers. Also, their thirst for knowledge to better their skills does the trick. That said, there are several books every entrepreneur must read:

1. Seth Godin’s Tribes, We Need You to Lead Us

Everyone has ideas, some better than others but the key difference is what you do to make them a reality. And this depends on who you are as a leader and how you choose to treat your employees. Seth Godin gives props to leaders who undertake risks, work together with their tribe, support them and are true to their mission. He also challenges leaders to move past what exists and empower their employees.

2. The 4 Disciplines of Execution- Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling

Running a business isn’t a walk in the park. The goals to drive the business and the daily operations to hold up the business usually collide. While both are important, developing WIGs (wildly important goals) should be taken seriously. This book talks more about the process of coming up with clear goals and how every one should feel accountable to achieve them.

3. Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations

According to Laloux, there are different models of organizations that he categorizes in different colors. Each color (red, amber, green, teal or orange), or if prefer model, has its characteristics and where it’s suited. For instance, the red organizations require leaders who can keep employees in check given their volatility. This is just one example. The book has great insights into all the other models and is a definite must-read for entrepreneurs.

4. Robert Richman’s The Culture Blueprint

A company can easily grow when there is a sense of ownership. In this book, Richman shares the tips to create this and the benefits of embracing communication rather than using commands. Truly, Robert presents leaders with a blueprint that is geared towards creating a workplace that people can own and steer growth.

5. Copy Logic! The New Science Of Producing Breakthrough Copy( Without Criticism): Michael Masterson and Mike Palmer

Product message is key in winning customers and selling them on the services and products you offer. Unfortunately, creating a copy becomes a disaster especially with the disagreements and ego-bruising arguments in the team in charge of producing the copy. So instead of such an approach, Michael and Mike have a way to change any non-value adding arguments and comments into something constructive in their book.

Generally, there are more sources of knowledge for entrepreneurs but a combination of both experience and a good read from the above books will be a boost in their leadership skills and businesses.