Entrepreneurship is like an apple tree. To begin with, starting your company requires your money and time. Then, you must commit yourself to care for it without expecting to reap its fruits immediately. Nonetheless, when it starts to blossom, your hard work and patience will pay off. However, like apple trees, many startup businesses fail to bloom and succumb to failure after 2-3 years. Therefore, running a successful business depends on your commitment, time, money, patience, smart decision making, seasoned experience, and mental/emotional/physical fitness. Well, the truth is, making time for exercising and improving your overall health& wellbeing can make all the difference for your business.

To help you keep fit without undoing your busy schedule, try the following;

5 simple exercises for entrepreneurs


Squats are great even for entrepreneurs with unpredictable schedules. A healthy body and mind is a foundational requirement that every success hungry entrepreneur cannot afford to overlook. Combining a few sets of regular squats with proper nutrition and adequate sleep can make solidify your overall health effortlessly. Positioning yourself in an imaginary chair position repeatedly will undoubtedly come with sore muscles, and pain. At this point, it’s easy to give up, but you shouldn’t quit squatting. Generally, regular squats will give you toned legs, bum, well-shaped body and nicely-curved shoulders provided you get it all right.


Pushups are probably one of the coolest exercise movements every entrepreneur should try. Regular pushups will activate almost all the muscles in your body leading to a well-toned body and endurance. The power of pushups cannot be overlooked. Try pushups anywhere, anytime for increased functional strength, vitality, enhanced cardiovascular system, increased body muscle definition, and increased energy levels among other health benefits. Do it right, you’ll love it.

Abdominal Crunches

Tired of your one-pack? Well, try abdominal crunches in your office. When done correctly and regularly, crunches can be highly effective. This particular exercise is great for those who want to develop a firm, flat abs without having to hit the gym every day. A minimum of 15 sets of abdominal crunches daily can lead to improved blood circulation, better decision making, improved immune system, reduced stress, and enhanced overall health.


When was the last time you walked to or from your office? Can’t remember? You’re not alone. While most lazy entrepreneurs prefer driving to walking, regular walks to the office can immensely boost your overall health. In other words, walking the short distance to and from work on a regular basis helps to reduce weight, regulate blood pressure, eliminate stress, prevent cancer, improve circulation, reduce risks of diabetes, stronger bones, better decision making, and improved productivity.

Wall Sits

Sliding your back down your office wall until your hips level your knees and closing your knees together at 90-degree angles for 30 to 60 seconds, before releasing repeatedly can do wonders for your health. Benefits of regular wall sit include; 6/8 pack abs, increased concentration/focus, muscles vitality, better balance, improved physical performance & stamina, reduced back pain and lower resting heart rate among others.


All successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common. They all exercise habitually.