A huge part of hotel success comes from the kind of leadership it receives from hotel managers. However, managing a hotel can have quite a significant amount of pressures especially if one is new to the position.

However, by keeping the following tips in mind, new hospitality managers can make the experience simpler for themselves;

Get a Mentor

First, if you are new to hotel management, you need to get yourself a mentor. A mentor is someone who has vast experience and one who can be trusted to do the right thing. An experienced hotel manager will not only provide you with professional support but also give you access to a wide array of knowledge and skills. An experienced mentor will also be a source of encouragement during challenging times and will help you to avoid making beginner mistakes.

Follow Event and Conference Leads

Events and conferences have the potential of generating millions in revenue for hotels. Events play a major role in attracting holidaymakers. Events also help in increasing brand equity for hotels. This is because you can use event photos and videos to promote the hotel via social media and other platforms. More importantly, events help to increase traffic to hotel services such as restaurants and cafes.

Hire Well

The team that a hotel manager leads is an extremely important determinant of his/her success. This means that hotel managers should make sure to hire people with the right set of skills, the right personality and the right attitude to work in a hotel. Hiring the right employees means you can trust them to make their own decisions and be self-driven in performing their tasks. On the other hand, hiring poorly can result in significant frustrations and trust issues with employees; reducing the chance of success.

Be a Proactive Leader

To be an effective hotel manager, one must be a strong and proactive leader. Being a proactive leader means assessing the operating environment, forecasting, predicting and preparing for crises before they happen. A hotel manager who simply reacts to every crisis is likely to face a more difficult time than one who looks into the future and plans for it. Being a strong leader also means being calm and decisive during emergencies and other challenging situations. This is especially important when dealing with disgruntled customers.

Value Communication

To succeed in a new role as a hotel manager, one must also pay close attention to the quality of his/her communication with hotel staff. Having an open and honest communication policy with subordinates will go a long way in minimizing mistakes among staff as well as a conflict between the manager and the staff. Ultimately, this will translate into better services for customers. Communication with customers is also vital as it allows managers to understand customer needs and requirements as well as identify possible ways of improving hospitality services.