A leader is an individual who directs or is in charge of a team or an organization. There are different types of leaders based on the leadership style that they use. These styles differentiate an effective leader from an ineffective one.

Effective leadership might call for a combination of one or more leadership styles. Are you an effective leader? Which of the below leadership styles do you apply?

Directive leadership

This type of leadership does not imply dictatorship. Rather, it requires the leader to be clear in setting project objectives for each team member. This leadership style demands that you provide a well-established structure that clarifies the perceptions that employees have concerning their roles.

When need be, the leader becomes a micro-manager, ensuring that every team member understands their role. As a leader, do your team members have a clear picture of what is expected of them?


The supportive leadership style demands that the leader be approachable. Are you empathetic and concerned about the needs of your team members? Do you treat them with the dignity they deserve? You should ensure that your employees feel cared for and their opinions are valued. They should also be rest assured of your help in managing the unknown whenever change arises.


An effective leader is visionary. Do you have an eye for what the future holds? A transformational leader models and communicates their commitment in a way that the team can trust. They act as an inspiration to the team, who find it easy to follow them. This only comes if they clearly explain the goals and objectives of each team member.


How effective are you at thinking about how the entire team can perform better? Do you encourage them to perform better? If so, your leadership style is goal-oriented. You are an effective leader because you push them towards personal continuous improvement. Your team feels empowered because you show confidence in them, believing that they will give their individual and team-best.


How good are you at imploring employee input? If you are a leader who encourages the team to participate fully in decision-making and other team-related activities, you are a participative leader. Make sure they feel and see that their opinions are considered by engaging them and consulting them directly.

Depending on the type of team that you lead, you can associate with one or more of these leadership styles for you to be an effective leader.