The face-to-face meetings are no longer an option for ongoing business deals. Although we cannot say that the trend is gone forever, we cannot rely on this option during pandemic coronavirus. This crisis has probably given us new opportunities to think about the potential of virtual environments.

Many businesses worldwide have supported work from home models so long; for them, working with Zoom, Slack, and WebEx during a pandemic is nothing new. Although technology has given us enough opportunities to work remotely, we have not yet developed best practices to lead remote teams. For many, this sudden change in scenario is quite uncomfortable, and the leaders are finding it hard to manage teams with virtual settings. Some report challenges associated with technical problems, and others are worried about the plethora of unavoidable distractions beyond control. In this situation, it is better to develop new skills that could help you fight the battle.

Here we have listed five essential questions that all new virtual leaders should ask themselves to manage work from home teams:

Am I following the right strategy?

Influential leaders practice healthy communications in every possibility, whether through calls, in-person meetings, and even through emails. But virtual communications need more strategic planning because you need to develop a more effective human connection. Prefer to write down all your objectives, the plan, and the time you want to spend on every aspect. It may help you to start with a direct approach while giving more attention to the engagement.

Do I have required communication protocols for may teams and the entire organization?

When you have to manage your teams virtually, it is essential to recheck your communication protocols to ensure adequate connections with the board members, employees, and other clients. For instance, you have to be more precise on how you will ensure weekly check-ins with teams. You may find video calling the best option at your end, but make sure the other party goes. Other than this, Google spreadsheets may help you create a comprehensive plan for upcoming projects and agendas.

How will I adjust roles and responsibilities to ensure complete success?

Many people may do well while working remotely; however, few others may suffer a lack of motivation. As a leader, you need to handle all your team members equally. You may need to have a one-on-one conversation regarding what issues they are facing and the best solutions to become successful. These discussions may help you evaluate the approach while shifting the roles and responsibilities adequately.

Am I observing the big picture?

When working remotely, it is essential to realize that more people rely on your directions and communication. If you stay stuck to your computer and personal calendar, you may miss the deadlines with teams. It is time to organize yourself to work on the big picture. Make sure you inspire, engage, and motivate the entire team to achieve collective objectives.

What are the possibilities to strengthen company culture?

Another essential matter that demands your attention during remote working hours is finding new growth opportunities for the company’s growth. You have to create a bright spot highlighting your company’s mission, vision, and values while strengthening the world culture at a larger scale.