Many entrepreneurs think they should be working around the clock to ensure their startup remains afloat. Some end up burning the candle from both ends and eventually collapse in exhaustion and cannot carry on. However, there are ways entrepreneurs can be able to balance their work and social life without any taking a hit. Here are some practical ways to do this:

Overcome fear

Many entrepreneurs work for long hours because they fear their business will fail if they don’t put in the crazy hours. They will regret anything less than total investment. However, experienced entrepreneurs who have been in the game for long observe that by overcoming this fear, one can achieve work-life balance in addition to meaningful productivity as well as some accomplishment.

Adopt lifestyle into your brand

Nowadays, most entrepreneurs are focused on raising capital, achieving explosive growth, and spending over 80 hours weekly on their startup. While many applaud this among business circles, it can also be the cause of burn out and depression. On the other hand, when one focuses on lifestyle from the inception, and they grow their business around this, it results in more happiness and less stress.

Block some time for you

Instead of work taking up every second of your life, you should block out some time for other activities that will enable you to unwind, recharge, and be of value to you. Such activities include exercising, social nights, family activities, or a weekly date. These activities will make you have something to look to while you go about your work and will motivate you to manage your time even better.

Set boundaries

It’s paramount that you set strict work hours and ensure that you stick to them. There’s no need for conducting business at 11 pm because you are afraid of losing a client. By making yourself available to work at odd hours, you will be setting a dangerous precedent.

Healthy snacks

When entrepreneurs think of healthy living, they mostly focus on exercising and getting enough sleep. There is still a need to focus on being energized all the time. To achieve this, ensure you have plenty of healthy snacks with you in the car, in your desk, and in your laptop bag to ensure you don’t hit a slump during the day.

Working crazy hours will quickly take its toll on your work, and your business will suffer for this. For this reason, focus on achieving a healthy work-life balance through the ways mentioned above.