As Henry Ford ones said; “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success.”

It takes exceptional leadership skills and, competency to bring together a team that can successfully achieve a common goal. In fact, most success hungry leaders prioritize on building winning teams that can perform exceptionally and consistently for their respective companies.
Looking for tips on how to master the art and science of team building?

6 Ways successful teams are built to last

Get the right people on board.

Hiring the wrong person for a major vacant can bring a great company to its knees without much effort. The recruitment process should be done thoroughly. Vet all candidates meticulously, know their aspirations focus on their questions, communication skills, and follow your instincts when hiring. A good team should comprise of diversely talented, sincere, experienced, qualified, trustworthy, confident, flexible, and self-driven team players to build a lasting winning team.

Clearly Define Roles & Responsibilities

Each team member should have a clear picture of what he/she is expected to do. Most teams fail when their roles and responsibilities are not made clear. For instance; it is common to find team members playing roles that are not within their job descriptions. Such simple incidents can lead to major conflicts that are avoidable. In other words; clearly defined roles and responsibilities help team members to understand that their duties are not only interconnected but dependent on each other.

Acknowledgment and Rewarding

For your team to last and become successful, you should be ready to make each of them feel special whenever they perform exceptionally. Acknowledging and rewarding positive employee performances deservedly encourages and motivates others to do even better too. Also, appreciating their professional performances, milestones, or achievements will make each team member feel appreciated, valued, and respected.

Empower team members to make decisions

The best you can do after assembling your dream team is to; empower them to make crucial decisions. Sometimes, it’s the small things that count. Empowering them with vital responsibilities and roles ignites their trust, respect, imaginations, and innovativeness leading to success. Seek their opinions, perspectives, or advice. Give them the freedom to be decision makers with minimum interference, and you’ll see its magic.

Encourage effective communication

Excellent communication unlocks all the impossibilities. Effective communication is an essential factor in team building. As an organization, manager, or team leader, you should have an excellent way of communicating with team members for the sake of maintaining synergy. Clean out all communication barriers that can interfere with your team’s functionality, team-spirit, togetherness, collaboration, and productivity. Effective communication should involve mutual listening, giving proactive feedback, setting rules &regulations, and defining work ethics.

Invest in team building

“All work without fun makes Jack a dull boy.” You’ll not get the best out of your team without spiking things a little bit. Work doesn’t have to be boring. On the contrary, work should be fun and exciting. Invest in team building exercises such as; scavenger hunt, water balloon toss, potluck, the battle of the hair bands, show and tell, human knot and blind retriever among others to motivate your team and to break the monotony. The benefits of team building include improved productivity, solid professional relationships, trust, togetherness, and collaboration.


The success of your company or leadership is dependent on the kind of team you build. Try the above tips, then remember to set common rules and regulations celebrate every success together and have fun.