Good health is our priceless foundation to success, happiness, and peace of mind. Obviously; it’s something we should never take for granted. Without good health, you can never accomplish anything in life. Having said that; everyone who wants to live a longer independent, happy, and successive life should prioritize on maintaining good health at all times.

How do I take charge of my own health care?

Here are 6 proactive ways of managing your own health care

Be mindful of your nutrition.

Being conscious of what you eat is one of the best ways of saving on medical expenses. It’s an excellent path to achieving the unimaginable. Consider taking plenty of vegetables and fruits. It’s not only healthier but affordable. Most of us depend heavily on unhealthy foods such as sugary drinks, pizza, French fries, pastries, energy drinks, processed meat, alcohol and ice-cream among other junks. Unfortunately, bad eating habits can be costly. Vegetables and fruits are vastly wealthy in terms of nutrients, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidants compounds. Buy less junk, get rid of all toxic foodstuff and replace them with healthier foods.

Get off the couch.

Want to save on your own health care expenses? Well, get off your couch and start being more active. Inactivity is a bad habit that you cannot afford to accommodate in your lifestyle. Watching your favorite television series on Hulu and Netflix while eating pizza and sipping cold soda comes easy; however, it can easily become a costly everyday lifestyle. Regular physical activity is a must s such as jogging, swimming, cycling, working out, dancing, aerobics, yoga and martial arts for a healthier life and greatness.

Build healthy relationships.

Your social health matters a lot. Hanging around toxic people can be dangerous to your own health care. Unhealthy relationships make us vulnerable to stress, anxiety, self-esteem issues or even depression. Developing healthy relationships with your colleagues, family, and friends among others can promote your overall health significantly.

Go for regular medical check-ups.

Visiting your doctor for a simple medical checkup can have a more significant impact on your overall biological health. Going for regular preventive screening tests, vaccinations, and physical exams can help reduce risks of different cancers, diabetes, HIV, and depression among others. We all know the effects of such health complications. For your own good, stop hesitating to spend a few dollars on regular medical checkups.


Your sleeping patterns can have a significant impact on your general health care. Some of us hardly sleep for more than 4 hours due to our busy schedules. Well; nothing should ever come at the expense of your sleep. Ensure that you get adequate sleep every night to improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Avoid drinking coffee among other caffeine-affiliated drinks just to stay awake if you really care about your health care. Treat your body and mind the rest they deserve by sleeping for not less than 7 hours each night.

Cut off on toxic products.

Stop splurging on organic products that can jeopardize your health. Some of our cleaning, clothing, and bathing products have harmful chemicals. Your favorite soft drink, deodorant, detergent, or jewelry could be putting you at risk of cancer, diabetes, stroke, or skin ailments without your knowledge. Check labels for harmful chemicals or ingredients before use


Your health is your responsibility. Now is the time to start developing strategic measures that are value-adding to your spiritual, social, emotional and mental health care.