There are different characteristics of a good employee. These characteristics are what guide employers in selecting one candidate over another. It is worth stating that different companies have different needs and priorities. There are top characteristics that almost every employer values most. Identifying these valued traits make the entire recruitment process smooth. Below are some of them:
1. Work ethic
This defines how good a candidate is in setting goals and achieving them. Every employer wants to know that the candidate they hire can work smart. Employers value candidates that have high goals and standards. The employee should prove their ability to perform more than clock in and clock out. They need to show they can give extra effort.
2. Dependable
Dependability can draw the line between getting the job or not. The candidate that demonstrates dependability could be the one who gets the job. The dependable employee is the person who gets things done. This includes showing the ability to follow through on tasks and within deadlines.
3. Positive attitude
A positive attitude creates a good environment for workers and their mates. Positivity translates to a productive workday and builds a better environment for colleagues. Good candidates stand out due to their positive attitudes and attract positive reputations. For instance, they should acknowledge their mistakes and still maintain positivity moving forward. It means that they will prove resilience in the workplace.
4. Personal motivation
This skill measures a candidate’s ability to work without encouragement from the company. Passion and enthusiasm is what drives such a candidate to work. Self-motivation also shows the level of confidence that a candidate has. Every employer wants such employees who can work with the least supervision.
5. Team oriented
How well do you work with others? How comfortable are you while collaborating with a team? During the application process, employers will choose team-oriented candidates. Modern companies succeed due to proper teamwork and independent departments. So, employees with a history of team collaboration are more likely to get the position.
6. Communication skills
An ideal candidate understands the importance of excellent communication. They need to show an understanding of the benefits of clarity while communicating.
7. Flexible
Good employees do not resist change; rather, weigh its benefit to the business and embrace it.
Companies that are looking for the best candidate will use these qualities in selecting the best employee for the job.