Exceptional leaders have a unique way of instilling hope for success. They achieve this by empowering others to believe in themselves to accomplish their goals.

Leaders are entrusted with the responsibilities of initiating action, motivating their subordinates, providing guidance, creating confidence, and building team morale. Organizational leadership requires candidates who can build a conducive work environment for improved efficiency and productivity through effective coordination. A good leader should have all the right attributes to make employees go the extra mile. Which are these attributes?

Here are eight essential leadership traits that make other employees go the extra mile

1. Good communicator

An organizational leadership role cannot be entrusted to someone who lacks proper communication skills. In fact, the best leaders are those who can communicate effectively. Achieving organizational goals becomes easy when leaders can bring their ideas to the table and make everyone understand them. As a leader, you are expected to communicate your company’s policies, objectives, and expectations to the subordinates without contradictions. You must also be a good listener and co-coordinator to motivate your juniors.

2. Hard-working and action-oriented

Great leaders lead through actions rather than bossing others around. You must set a good example to the subordinates through hard work. Hit the road running, and your team will follow suit. Employees feel motivated to go the extra mile when their leaders take the right paths to success. And since there’s no shortcut to success, everyone needs to toil to achieve the set organizational goals.

3. Transparency and honesty

A good leader should know the importance of being transparent and honest in their line of duty. Don’t beat around the bush when revealing the truths your team members need to know. Never cover up arising issues lest you want them to fester. Transparently execute your duties without favor or discrimination. Be honest when issuing constructive criticism and sharing information.

4. Fairness and compliments

Demonstrating fairness and complimenting your team members for every accomplishment they achieve boosts their confidence. It’s also essential for leaders to inspire their subordinates through humility. Be quick to give credit where it’s due without taking it yourself. Remember, when your team fails, you have should have the courage to take the fall for the team.

5. Be a mentor

Leaders who have the tendency to bullying their team members are doomed to fail. Your team needs the right motivation to become top performers. The success of your team depends on how you handle them. Empower them to make essential decisions without micromanaging them, and they will do everything in their power to make the company soar high.

6. Be respectful

As a leader, it is essential to ensure that you treat everyone within your workplace with maximum respect. Mutual respect will obviously boost team building and build solid professional relationships within the team. Respect everyone’s opinions and ideas without being too cocky in your approach. Your team will do much better knowing that you have respect for them.

7. Be decisive

Every leader is required to make crucial decisions here and there. Employees need to know that they can make the right decisions, even when dealing with tricky situations. Having a clear mind is a plus for those in high organizational leadership positions.

8. Accessibility

Accessibility is an essential trait for those in leadership. You should always have effective lines of communication for the sake of your team. Members need the guarantee that they can always come to you where need be. Combine your collaborative mindset with easy accessibility, and you’ll have a very competitive team.


It’s not a secret that exceptional leaders know how to inspire and motivate their team members to go above and beyond just to achieve their company’s visions successfully.