Life is a fickle game. This is motivation enough to try everything within your means to get out of the comfort zone. However, it is the same reason why people often feel safe in their comfort zone. Never feeling the need to change or experience new things with uncertainty. But to grow and live fully, stepping out of your comfort zone is your one-way ticket to achieving this. And if you are stuck, there are reasons to get out the cocoon;

New is exciting

Monotony is boring. This is a characteristic of the comfort zone. Over time, you will feel the need to break out of the regular routine. Consequently, doing new things, meeting new people, going to new places and such, helps add excitement to life.

Taking risks presents opportunities.

One thing successful people have in common is that they are risk takers. That said, you should be willing to take the leap of faith to get out of your comfort zone. Taking risks brings new opportunities and rewards. Granted not always will there be a reward for the risk taken, the nature of it gives you the energy to push the limits.

Change is good

Change shifts the balance you are used to, and that alone may force one to remain in the comfort zone. However, change is good. It gives one a reason to focus on the future. Once you get past the fear of change, achieving your goals even becomes easy.

You avoid regret

With the right choices, the YOLO attitude isn’t a bad thing. For one, you avoid any ‘what if’ moments and actually feel the joy of life. Of course, regret is inevitable just like change, but it shouldn’t stop you from trying.

Success becomes within reach.

A comfort zone is a dangerous place. Nothing new happens, and that limits your chances of gaining success. But once you decide to break free, you learn more about yourself. The things you can and can’t do and what you can achieve if you try. That is how getting out of the comfort zone brings you close to success.

You gain confidence

The fear of the unknown is limiting. This scares many people. However, getting to try out the scary things pumps you with the adrenaline to do more such things. In the process, your confidence levels soar high with each frightening thing you do. That is what awaits people who step out of their comfort zone.

It opens your inner creativity.

How can you think outside the box if no situations are forcing you to? The decision to break free, therefore, presents you with situations that will trigger your creativity forcing the creative juices to flow.

The comfort zone is a dead end

In all success stories, there is always an element of change, risk, embracing new things and trying to cope with the new circumstances through creativity and innovations. That is how you should be. Nothing good awaits you when you make the comfort zone your safe haven.
In conclusion, the struggle to step out of the comfort zone is tough, and the steps you take may be drastic and challenging, but in the end, they are satisfying.