Tax Mitigation + Employee Benefits

Global Investment Strategies recently worked with the estate of one of the largest distressed real estate buyers in the nation. After analyzing the family’s substantial estate, we developed a multifaceted plan for them using a number of different financial instruments. We considered an employee stock option plan but after a thorough cost analysis, we worked with the client to form multiple “Safe Harbor” Captive Insurances Companies which mitigate their risks and create tax savings under IRS code 831(b). This designed concept also provided additional benefits for our client’s key employees. Within 6 months our team orchestrated the entire solution using life insurance leverage to generate living benefits and providing peace of mind for the company and its heirs. While this estate’s evaluation was significant, any estate using GIS’s strategies will benefit from the same type of protection no matter what its size.

Defined Benefit

GIS handled the estate of a developer/owner who manages over 30,000 apartment units throughout the U.S. After analyzing the concerns of the estate and working closely with his third party administrator, the GIS solution was to fund a high cash value advanced life insurance policy using money already in place. We provided the client with an insurance plan that not only paid dividends but also secured the funding for the defined benefit program. Additionally, it added coverage for the estate and addressed long term care concerns.

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Wealth Management Services

Financed Defined Benefits

A female entrepreneur hired GIS to put together her estate so that it would include coverage for long term care as well as chronic, critical and terminal illness. We created an estate for her that best suited her needs plus provided substantial permanent life insurance through a non-recourse source which funds 50% of the costs, being fully-vested in the program within a short 5-years. We have also supplemented her retirement plan with annuities that start with solid returns on day 1.

Advanced Premium Financing

An entrepreneur with substantial net worth was looking for old fashion life insurance coverage for personal and buy/sell reasons. Due to his substantial cash position, GIS was able to secure a $20 million life insurance policy for our client by setting up a program that has the bank pay premiums using a bond wrapped around the client. We were able to offer this approach as we are licensed to orchestrate both platinum bond financing and traditional life insurance premium financing.

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