Jay Clifford – Vice President

Jay is a successful entrepreneur who understands how to build and protect the enterprise, and the personal wealth derived from the enterprise.

On the professional side, Jay’s experience spans decades in the broadcast industry and print media industry. His experience includes marketing, revenue, finance, and operations. He’s had first-hand experience at all levels of the organization chart, from salesman to pressman to senior leadership.

Regarding personal wealth management, Jay is a visionary in finding opportunities to increase wealth accumulation, seize tax advantages, and protect assets. He has significant experience as a Co-Trustee of his own family’s estate, touching on all aspects from estate planning to real estate to insurance planning and tax planning.

The cumulative effect of Jay’s experience and expertise is that he understands the issues our clients face, and empathizes with the myriad of challenges they deal with, both personal and financial. Jay has helped our clients increase shareholder value in closely held businesses, and strengthen personal and family estates through effective protect and grow strategies. Jay’s understanding and empathy translate into client solutions that are customized, innovative, and effective.

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Director Of International Affairs

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

- Steve Jobs

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