What does Global Investment Strategies do?

Our company provides a unique analytical service for High Net Worth clients! We have access to the world’s best life insurance for clients posting a 15 million estate, with cost efficiencies through premium funding/finance for Life Insurance. Global Investment Strategies acquires life insurance from the world’s strongest life insurance companies, and credit from financial companies to solidify the Family’s solution in the inevitable. We provide high net worth clients, and their professional partners a permeant solution “life insurance”. As one recent client said, “GIS takes care of the whole process for you so that you can get on with your life and your business.”

6 Reasons why High Net Worth Clients take out Life Insurance

  • Key Person Protection – The pay-out from of a Life insurance policy can provide cash to safeguard a business if a key individual employee passes away until a suitable replacement is found. As in many cases we review key family members are actively involved in the company to the end & that requires a permeant solution with life insurance.
  • Debt Repayment – Commercial loans/credit are often in default at death and loan facilities may be recalled upon death leaving a family short of funds to clear these debts. Life insurance policy payout can be used to pay off debts, leaving the assets to be enjoyed by the family, rather than sold to repay credit secured against them, e.g., mortgages, business loans.
  • Partnership Agreements – Cash from an insurance policy can be used to ensure business interests pass efficiently to the remaining shareholders by providing funding to purchase the deceased’s partners shares.
  • Family Security – The death benefit is inevitable & provides a large cash lump sum payment is made to protect a family’s interest in their legacy’s income, a fair market value of their assets, structured distributions for generations.
  • Estate Tax Settlement – Life insurance can be used to pay inheritance or wealth taxes that become due on death. Worldwide assets of an individual attract estate tax and buying permanent Life insurance policy is a simple, non-controversial way to pay estate taxes.
  • Philanthropy – Leverage through Life Insurance can be used to meet the insured individual’s charitable giving goals by leaving some or all of the payout to charities they wish to support.

Who uses our service?

  • Entrepreneurs (Business owners)
  • High-Level Executives (Executive Compensation)
  • Trust companies
  • Wealth managers
  • High Net Worth Family’s
  • Banks & Private Banks
  • Insurance Brokers (Professional referrals)

Which life insurance should I use & why GIS?

Global Investment Strategies is an independent provider of life insurance of an elegant solution for funding and premium funding finance. The life insurance companies we work with have at least a Standard & Poor’s ‘A’ rating, with equivalent or similar Fitch and Moody’s credit ratings.

We take care of all of the arranging and servicing of your life insurance policy and funding finance arrangements which is recognized and supported by the world’s largest insurers

Ready to get started?

If you would like to find out the cost of life insurance, premium funding/finance for your legacy email us at dmcclure@iqmobileapps.com and we’ll get right back to you with the details to insure your family’s estate or feel free to call us to discuss your needs, please contact us on 520.360.8177 and we’ll talk you through your options and make sure you are looked after every step of the way.