Our thoughts play a huge role in the state of our lives; more than we actually realize. Daily, we are plagued with negative thoughts about things we find difficult to do. We might be poor at financial management or saving money, and so we constantly say to ourselves that,’ I’m not good at saving money.’ This takes up any room that was available for change. If this is the story of your life, you’re in luck for there is a turnaround. By using affirmations, you can flip the coin and bring about change in your life. Here are some steps to doing this:

Establish your negative beliefs

The first step to enacting this plan is to pick out all the negative beliefs and self-talk that you harbor in you. Write all these on paper. It is essential that you do it physically as what the body does, the subconscious subsequently learns. Besides, this will foster a connection between the physical self and your psyche, intuition, and neurons.

First, get a piece of lined paper which you should then fold into two halves lengthwise. Unfold it and onto the left, list all the negative statements that you have been muttering to yourself. Ask your family or close friends to help you with it. Let it not be a one-time thing. After writing, sit on it and write some more later on until you are sure you’ve squeezed yourself dry.

Come up with affirmations from the beliefs.

This step is not easy, but you can manage to do it. On the right side of your paper, write an affirmation against the left-side statement. For example, if you wrote, ‘I’ll never be good at financial management,’ you should write “I’m good at financial management.” The affirmations should be in present tense. Additionally, write “I am…” instead of “I will be…” Do not use the word “try” as this may hinder change. If it feels really untrue, you can write,” I’m learning to…” or “I’m improving at…” These are both present tense and qualify as positive affirmations.

Apply the affirmations

Once you write your list of affirmations, fold the paper again and never look at the negative half again. Place the positive portion somewhere where you see it often. Ensure that you read the list occasionally. When you find yourself thinking of the old beliefs, put a stop to it. Transform the thought into a positive one. This way, you’ll be literally altering your mind.

Expect change

When you get the first three steps done, expect magic to happen. You will soon realize that you are becoming good at the things that you were formerly bad at. You will also notice the disappearance of the negative statements.

The transformation that you’ve craved for is all in your hands and mind. Through affirmations, you can overcome habits that you thought were insurmountable.