Entrepreneurs spend over 60 hours in a week working. With such enormous amounts of time on work, there is little left to take care of one’s body. This is sad because entrepreneurs stand to benefit from physical exercise. First of all, exercise can make one more productive. It gives you a short-term boost through adrenaline and endorphins, and there is physiological development in the long-term. Secondly, through exercise one, can avoid lifestyle health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. Thirdly, you lessen the likelihood of issues related to mental health such as anxiety and depression when you exercise. You also sleep better when you exercise. Lastly, exercising in a gym or on the streets jogging increases your interaction with others. This makes exercising an excellent networking opportunity.

How to Exercise on a Tight Schedule

Riding a bike to work

Instead of driving to work, why not take a bike if the distance isn’t too long? You’ll not only have a medium to get to work, but you’ll also have exercised too. Not to mention the sites and people you get to see them along the way. And the good thing is that getting a bike isn’t costly.

Stroll to meetings

If you are scheduled for a city meeting, you can opt to walk to the place instead of driving or taking the subway. This way, you’ll get to exercise and also decompress as you recollect your thoughts.

Walking meetings

In addition to walking to meetings, you can hold meetings while walking. If you have something to discuss with your team members, you can ask them to talk with you as you stroll around the block. If you really want to note down the minutes, make a recording to refer to later on.

Treadmill desk

Now, treadmill desks were met with mixed feelings, but if you want to break a sweat from the comfort of your office, then you might want to get one. Even if it might not have the same effect as lifting weights at the gym, but no doubt you’ll burn some calories and cut back on the adverse effects that are associated with sitting down for long.

Exercise breaks

No matter how busy your day might be with tasks, the truth is you still have some time for short breaks to check your email or grab a snack. Instead, you could slot some exercises into these breaks. In a few minutes, you could do some jumping jacks, light stretches or even yoga for your fitness regimen.

The benefits that come with exercising are too good to ignore. Incorporate it into your schedule, and you will witness its benefits.