Regardless of the industry you are in, having the best talent is a great determiner to the success or failure of your company. In fact, many companies have realized this and are now placing their focus on bringing in the best talent. However, this might not be an easy task. The news show that for three consecutive months, the number of open jobs has outnumbered the number of unemployed Americans. This means that the race for the best talent in the industry just tightened. So, amid, all this, how can you ensure that as a leader, you attract the best talent? Here are a few steps:

State the salary and other benefits

When making job posts, most companies opt to leave out information on salaries and other benefits. Some say that it presents them more negotiating power when they get to the offer stage. However, according to Stack Overflow, job boosts that included salaries and other benefits got a 75% boost in interest as compared to those that lacked them. This makes sense. Job seekers don’t want to waste their effort on applications that they aren’t sure are within their acceptable range. As such, including details on the salary range in the job description will go a long way in attracting the right talent.

Authentic job posts

The first contact between your company and prospective candidates is the job description. If you want to make a good impression, make your job posts concise, straightforward and detailed. Job posts that are poorly written, filled with buzzwords, typos and misleading language will dampen a candidate’s desire to join your company.

Luckily, there are numerous tools that you can use to craft better job posts. Apps like Gender Decoder and Textio can help you identify the biased language in your writing. Since job descriptions are pretty much the face of your company, it’s paramount that you put effort into them.

Prioritize on health and flexibility

Health and work-life balance have seen a surge in interest among employers and job seekers. A study by Mercer showed that of the employees surveyed, 51% of them said they hoped to work in an organization that presented one with a work schedule that is flexible while close to the same number desired that their workplaces placed emphasis on psychological and physical wellness. Workplaces have been plagued with chronic stress which manifests physically through chronic aches, hypertension, heart problems, digestive problems, and chronic aches. The way you address these issues will play a significant role in interest in your company.


If finding the best talent is dear you, then you should invest in it. Whether this involves bringing more HR personnel on board, buying HR tools and software that will boost their performance, salary raises and additional benefits, do this as it will show where your interest lies.

Attracting the best talent will not happen overnight. It’s a continuous process of ensuring that your company is desirable in the eyes of outstanding candidates. However, the fruits will be evident in the growth of your company.