There have been many health and wellness campaigns taking off to improve people’s lives. One of these many campaigns is on mental health. As you know, your mental health determines how you approach life. If you aren’t in the right mental space, even the little things can set you off and take a toll on you. In the workplace, companies used to be about bottom lines only. But not anymore. As much as they want to achieve success, they still have to care about their employee’s mental health.

A position of line manage has therefore been incorporated to help promote good mental health. Given the circumstances, nobody is immune to mental health issues. Now imagine having to deal with difficult times in and outside the workplace. It could be bullying by fellow workers, even the pressure of the job, or bereavement of a loved one. A combination of these tough times can make one lose focus on the important things in life.

The line management relationship seeks to counter the negative effects associated with mental health issues. For instance, line managers help raise mental health awareness by combating stigmatization. How people approach the issues of mental health determines how spoken those suffering from it will be. The perception of associating mental health with incompetence inflicts fear. Another behavior to be condemned is the change of attitude of other employees.

By raising mental health awareness, the staff learns to open up and be supportive. This helps prevent mental health deterioration. It also builds trust and a sense of community if the staff creates a non-toxic environment for the affected. Line management natures the spirit of caring in the workplace. In such an environment, individuals thrive for they have good mental health.

A line management relationship promotes progress. By recognizing distress signs early, line managers prevent the conditions from worsening. For this reason, line managers should be great at recognizing signs of anxiety, depression and any other threat to mental health. They then can make the right call that will be aimed at promoting one’s wellbeing. In doing this, they not only secure a person’s health but also their productivity.

Staff mental health is key to achieving greatness. Hence, line managers should be there every step of the way. If the member of the staff is away, they can follow up with a phone call. And given the sensitivity of the matter, line managers should have the resources to deal with mental health issues. They should as well understand the organization’s policies for a better reach out.

As a company, never underestimate the power of good mental health. Have line managers who can help put an end to stigmatization and offer the required support.