There are business giants that have dominated their market niches. To name a few, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Procter and gamble and so on. Since every business wants such a status quo, there is one important question. How do these companies do it?
One would need to appreciate the work environment in these companies. There must be a high level of productivity to remain among the top each year. Each environment differs from company to company; yet, there are a few environments that seem to do work better than others. They are:
· A unified environmentIn such an environment, team spirit is highly encouraged. As much as it would let individuals operate as single entities, this environment believes in accomplishing tasks as a team. That said, there are team goals that each individual must conform to, to make it a success.
· The No-walls environment In this type, the work stations aren’t enclosed, and if they are, they have an open-door policy. Also, such environments have team-building exercises and have a common rest area for employees to enjoy their meals, breaks and chat with each other.
· Open skeptic environment In this, there is no inflicted fear in asking questions. Everyone is welcome to question why the chosen strategy, which of course, leads to a discussion. In the end, every employee’s views are appreciated and the company grows together.
· Individual-focused environment There are certain things different individuals find comforting to increase their productivity. It might be customizing desks, flexible hours or working from home. This environment makes it possible for individuals to work in a productive environment in their own liking.
· Mutual-feedback environment Feedback promotes growth by correcting faults and applauding best practices. That is what this environment entails. An important thing to note is that it applies to all even the bosses. If their strategies fail to yield results, they are made aware.
Going through this environment, I can’t help but visualize how effective they are. Unfortunately, these work environments aren’t always in action. With that, here are some of the worst environments;
I. Class-system environmentIt’s more of a dictatorship, i.e., the bosses and leaders are untouchable. They are seen as ‘perfect’ from other employees. It doesn’t sound nice. In most scenarios, there is resentment and low productivity.
II. Sink-or- swim environment Either you successes or fail- and if you fail, there are repercussions. This environment is restricting and seems harsh to work in.
III. 9-to-5 environment In this, there are strict working hours to be followed, dress codes, protocols and time tables to be adhered to. There is barely room for creativity.
IV. Punitive environment The environment is one side in that bad behavior, breached protocols and missed goals are penalized while there is no reward for good performance.
V. Compartment environment There is no teamwork in this work environment. Individuals are closed off from any group activities. Isolation does more harm than good.
Evidently, in the first segment, there will be more successful and employees will be highly motivated to do their best. We urge entrepreneurs, companies, and businesses to try and adopt the best work environments in order to achieve their goals.