Growing up, did you enjoy being part of your family? For those who came from an intact family, the answer is a simple YES while the case is different from those who experienced the ugly side of the family life. The kind of family you grew around is most likely to affect how you raise one. This is especially if one came from a broken family. The constant quarreling, fighting, abusive parents and divorce may make you avoid having a family. On the other hand, you can have a family, but all these negative still take root. It’s sort of a family curse.

Nevertheless, there is a way to break the curse by being a transitional character. How do you ask? Well, here is how;

Embrace being a transitional character

That means you have to try all your best to shed the negative traits associated with the family you grew up in. See yourself as the transitional character and start new familial traits. No matter how difficult it is, or you see yourself becoming your father, be strong to pass the obstacles.

Stay clear of toxic relationships.

The moment you realize you want your family to be a safe haven, avoid people whose thoughts convince you otherwise. It may be your parents, in-laws, or friends. And since keeping the distance is hard, set boundaries. Do not allow their perception of a family as a failed institution affect your desire to create an intact family.

Look out for your posterity.

Breaking the negative familial traits isn’t just for you. You are doing it for generations to come. So, if it’s starting a healthy living, stopping the abusive parent’s tradition or always being there for your family, imagine what your posterity will go through if you do not take the initiative. It will be a good motivator.

Seek help

Just because studies show that if you come from a broken family that yours will fall apart, it should not dictate your fate. By seeking professional advice when things start turning for the worst will help break the curse. Accept you need help and reach out to those who can lend it to you. That is how you will ensure you have an intact family.

Be friends with positive examples.

Having friends with intact families plays a part in being a transitional character. You will learn the positive familial traits and try to emulate their happy marriages. Therefore, limit your contact with negative people who will only influence you to continue with the negative traits.

Creating positive familial traits isn’t that easy. Be intentional, marry from an intact family, seek help, avoid toxic relationships…be the transitional character!