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Doug McClure, CEO of Global Investment Strategies, offered a simple observation about the role of Life Insurance products within a business.

“Nothing operates in a vacuum. Life Insurance products are a critical part of any company’s financial planning and asset management strategies. However, the strength of these products is either amplified or diminished by the overall strength of the business and their plans.”

we offer several business services that deal with the more holistic aspects of business success.


This service provides a detailed review of the type and structure of the business. It provides an analysis revolving around operations of the business as it relates to the value that can be expected for liquidity purposes in a buy out or succession plan.

Funding Sources For Buyout

If funding is needed to pay the business owner for transfer, our banking sources can provide the liquidity to the new owner.

Succession Planning

Planning providing a path and value transfer of the business to family, key group of employees, or outside persons or entities.

Business Evaluation Services

Analysis services providing a value of a owners business for purposes of buy sell or succession planning. This independent service provides business value based upon the 5 most commonly used metrics.

ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)

An ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) is a unique vehicle for owners to fully or partially exit their business and employees to control their own retirement. An ESOP establishes an employee-owned company and offers a flexible, tax-favorable way to exit the business, provide retirement benefits and retain and motivate employees. Doug McClure, CEO of Global Investment Strategies, works closely with many owners and ESOP companies, helping them with their strategies and plans for setting up and sustaining their ESOP. As Doug explained it, for owners an ESOP is an attractive exit strategy for several reasons.

  • The development of an ESOP creates an immediate market for the owner’s stock, and a buyer for the owner’s business.
  • An ESOP locks in the value of the stock sold at the sale price, eliminating future valuation reductions due to ever changing business and regulatory factors.
  • The owner can transition the business to the employees over time if desired, thus staying actively involved in the high level strategic decisions of the business.
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