Are you satisfied with your job? This is a question that most people will answer in terms of the paycheck they get. However, basing the answer on your feeling towards the job, are you delighted? As the CEO of Global Investment Strategies, I try to shape our establishment into a business that the team is passionate. Today, many people take up a job just because it will get them financial safety. Of course they will persevere through but not all stick around. For highly sensitive people (HSP), they will follow their heart to find satisfaction beyond paychecks.

You see, for HSP, they take note of the subtle things others wouldn’t mind like sounds and scents. They will think more about their day and how they are emotional and how their work employs their emotions. It is, therefore, easy to lose happiness in some jobs like sales, where there is a confrontation, face time, and negotiations. Nonetheless, HSP can find joy in many careers, some of which are:

As IT professionals

The IT professions offer a relaxed atmosphere where HSP can do their best work. The fields require a keen eye for details as well as strong intuition, both of which are qualities of HSP. Thus, HSP can prosper as in the IT tech world effortlessly.

As business owners

When an HSP isn’t appreciated enough, whether it’s being acknowledged or promoted, they feel unfairly treated. So if they were to start their businesses, chances are they will be good at it. Their leadership will lead to a calming and welcoming workplace to be appreciated by the staff and customers. Their qualities will build loyalty, which is essential to any business.

As a creative professional

Most creative professions, animations, copywriting, etc., are freelancing businesses. They suit HSP as they can earn with the flexibility they need. They can get to do other things on the side that will assist them to feel fulfilled as opposed to 9-5 kind of jobs.

In the caring professions

These professions require a person who is compassionate, empathetic, and aware of other’s feelings and needs. These describe the strengths of HSP. Therefore, they can find true happiness working as personal coaches, nurses, social workers, and other fields that lie within the caring profession.

In academia fields

An HSP is profoundly insightful and finds fulfillment in helping others. The academic profession is, therefore, ideal as they help students. Furthermore, it is not that much consuming, and one can choose the topic that suits them to excel in it.

In non-profits

Highly sensitive people can take up administrative roles in a well-organized non-profit organization. They can stick to their strengths to impact the world positively while they remain enthusiastic about what they do.

In the clergy

Often, most sensitive people are spiritual, which makes being part of the clergy a perfect match. They keep an open mind and are encouraging to others.

The list could go on and on. Careers for an HSP isn’t limited to the above. At a crossroads? If you aren’t satisfied with your current job, you can seek a profession in any of the above.