Stress at the workplace is ever looming and there is no getting rid of it. However, this doesn’t mean that it cannot be controlled. In fact, stress control is of the utmost importance if businesses are to save money. In the UK, an estimation by the Mental Health Foundation shows that companies in Britain lose over 3 billion pounds every year (nearly $4.6B USD). Stress has adverse effects on one’s immunity, sleep, metabolism and the general health of one’s nervous, digestive and cardiovascular system. However, all this can be avoided through mindfulness and meditation. Here is how you can alleviate the following stress-related instances using mindfulness and meditation:


This problem often plagues ambitious persons in the workplace. These are the people with big plans, big goals and a big vision which they work tirelessly towards. However, what they fail to do is to replenish their batteries. Burn out is the equivalent of hitting a brick wall. Meditation is effective at preventing burnout. This is because it helps you tap into the sound source of life which is an unbound source of energy. Meditation also leads to a relaxation response which is the physical occurrence of deep rest that changes the emotional and physical responses to stress. Mindfulness goes ahead to make one aware of themselves and makes space for a fresh perspective and thinking.

Stress addiction

When people are trying to achieve mammoth-size goals, they start relying on energy resulting from the stress. Now, there may be some benefits from stress that push one forward. However, this turns to a chronic condition that becomes tough to manage and this affects our health and humanity adversely. Meditation can help in that it helps one gain access to their self that is free from worry, pressure and anxiety. Additionally, as one practices meditation, they start letting go of the stress accelerators in their life and this builds a resilience to stress.

Lack of focus

With the desire to achieve many things at the workplace and in life, it’s very easy to bite more than one can chew. This makes it a tad difficult to focus on the really important things. So how does one get centered or focused? Meditation guides one on how not to give in to the turbulence in one’s mind. This means that you won’t go off the rails when your thoughts start running wild.

Meditation and mindfulness are effective remedies to stress in the workplace and life in general. Benefit from access to your calm center while you discover yourself by embarking on these two practices.