The consequences ensuing from the novel coronavirus can go beyond physical realms; the practice of social distancing coupled with the fear and uncertainty of the coming days is taking a toll on people’s mental wellbeing. However, remember that you are not alone in this; several others are struggling to make their ways through the same catastrophe. While what is happening around you is not under your control, you sure can be the master of your mind, and here are a few ways to do that.

Find out what is causing the anxiety.

There is a string of reasons that can be held responsible for creating anxiety, such as staying indoors for days, wondering how many people more will have to be affected by the pandemic before it stops or what will happen after this phase passes. Because we have never really faced a global crisis of this magnitude before, worrying about its after-affects is natural, and this a reason enough to make things worse. Remember that to find out a way to deal with the stress, you must be familiar with the factors that are swelling it.

Stay informed but, also give yourself a break.

Websites, social media platforms, newspapers, and news channels are consumed with news and statistics about the coronavirus. While going through them is necessary to stay informed and comply with the required precautions, focusing on them steadily throughout the day is harmful. Believe trustworthy sources like WHO and CDC have to say. If you start feeling overwhelmed at any point, step down from social media temporarily and filter your notifications if there’s a chance. Also, try to focus on the brighter things that indicate hope like the progress made in the invention of vaccines, medical trials and the like.

Focus on things that lie within your capacity

We are only human beings, and not everything that the world is facing today lies within our capacity to change for the better. Therefore, instead of obsessing and compromising your mental health over these areas, focus on things that fall within your capacity. This includes washing your hands frequently throughout the day, staying indoors and asking your family to the same, avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as often, maintaining 6 feet distance from people while talking to them, getting enough sleep, and such others.

Stay connected when you are physically separated

Human beings are, after all social animals who are meant to depend on one another for support and sustenance. When this law of nature is violated the results will not be very pleasing. Thus, tag it as a priority to stay in touch with friends and family and help them whenever they are looking forward to receiving support in any form. Use social media to check on people you love and care about, and when having an interaction, try not to make the entire thing about coronavirus.

Take some time out for yourself.

When you are compelled to attend both your domestic and professional obligations within the same space, keeping your sanity intact is a real challenge. Do not forget to take some time out for yourself where you can indulge in doing things that you are fond of. Do not push yourself too hard; pause and reflect. You can use this time to replenish your spirit and retrospect about everything that has been triggering you for so long. Practice relaxation and devote some time to performing physical activities to let your mind relax for those few minutes.