Are you looking to liven the spirits in your office? Holding an office party is a wonderful way to do this, but so is team outings. With team outings, there’s bound to be bonding with other team members, alleviation of workplace stress and also provides an opportunity for employees to know each other outside the confines of the office. Now that you’ve settled on a team outing, what do you do when you’re there? Here are some activities that you can consider:

Scavenger hunts

Settle on a bright day, sort everyone into groups and have them on a scavenger hunt across the city. Your team will stand to benefit from the changing environment, the fresh air and of course the fun challenge. And of course, don’t forget to document the activity by taking selfies. And when the event is over, you can have a slideshow of the day’s pictures.


If you are the culinary type, a cook-off is an excellent team-building activity to take part in. You will be tasked with coming up with new dishes. You will, therefore, have to be creative, and this will bring out the leadership and team skills in participants. To have a successful function, sort everyone into smaller teams, settle on a food category and ask each team to come up with a delicious meal.

Board game

If you can’t get out of the office, here’s a fun activity to hold in the office. Hold a board game tournament for teams. If your office has many employees, you can settle on a single game and then have them register for various time slots when they have time to spare to play the game. Some fun games include Jenga, Boggle or even cards. And what’s such a tournament without prizes? Be sure to award the top three winners.

Karaoke night

What better way to get employees to shed their office selves than holding a karaoke session? You can sort them into groups and award the best group. However, keep off this activity if your team does not comprise of extroverted individuals. Or you can consider ideas that will suit their personalities.


Why not spend your time and effort on a good cause? You can volunteer at the local soup kitchen, build houses for Habitat for Humanity or take gifts to children in children’s hospitals. There are numerous benefits and charities that you can lend a hand in.

By taking part in team outings and team building activities, you not only fight workplace-related stress, but you also create a company culture. You stand to benefit in at least taking part in one of these activities.