Most of the stories that we hear about making a change in the workplace; either people face lots of criticism or lose their job. If we look at the studies, most of the acts of courage come from some respected insiders who campaign for making some strategic move, try to push some unfair policy, or raise voice against some unethical behaviors. They do so because they feel it is the best thing to do; however, their reputations got challenged, and they end up paying a considerable price for their courage to make a positive change.

Many people face inappropriate behavior at the workplace, and they often fail to report just because of the relationships and image they carry at the office. But when you stop raising voice against wrong, it overpowers the unethical practices. Hence, one should always be ready to stand for what they believe is right. There are essential principles that one needs to follow for leading positive changes while cultivating everyday courage.

Laying some groundwork

Research shows that employees who make some positive changes in the organization, leading to significant results, usually spend years establishing their respective jobs’ reputation. They show that they are capable enough to stand alone and those whose support they require. Courageous people work on trusting those who consider them as champions.

They have some reliable backup.

It is essential to understand that sometimes things do not work out, even when you have the best preparation. The courageous people usually develop a mechanism to avoid any possible fallout. They are always ready with some external options and have minimal reliance on their employers. That is why they feel open to challenge when anything goes wrong around because they do not have a fear of losing a job.

They choose their battles carefully.

The wise and courageous people know it in advance that not every opportunity is worth displaying courage. They always ask themselves two questions: Is it imperative? And Is it the right time to take action?

Taking this time can help you to make better decisions and what battles to choose. When you know whether the issue is worth it or not, you can also have better control over your emotions. Furthermore, you can be better prepared.

Courageous people can identify the right time to raise issues. They avoid presenting erroneous information; instead, they observe everything carefully and then make decisions with patience. They are always ready to review environments while understanding the trends and events happening around them. Before taking any action, they conclude the issue and identify people willing and able to support them in this battle.

Other than this, they follow-up for every action they take. Courageous individuals never forget to thank their supporters and share credit.