It is essential to be successful in life in whatever you do. Hard work is the key to success. But besides hard work, it is the fitness of the mind that is important to make you sail through your goals with ease. However, we fail to realize that some factors deter us from achieving what we want, and those are the stresses that we encounter in our daily life.


When you say, “I am stressed,” it does not imply that a whole load of stress befalls you at a go. Without your realization, small attacks are coming your way throughout the day. These are “micro-stresses,” a little bundle with a significant impact.
Micro-stresses come from the most unsuspecting sources around us. Some examples are:

  • Draining of personal capacity: Miscommunication at work, a sudden surge in responsibilities at work and home, irrational behavior from a superior, lack of co-operation from colleagues, mismanaged priorities and work schedule are some reasons that may drain you of your energy and make you depressed.
  • Getting emotionally affected: Holding self-responsible for near and dear ones’ life and achievements, getting into arguments to defend your viewpoint, or having doubts about your network may translate into emotional insecurity. Individual interactions with people are also responsible for your emotional upheaval.
  • Doubts about your ability or integrity: Every individual feels that what they do is right and in the best interest of all. However, when this judgment is challenged or opposed, it can cause emotional turmoil.

Please be mindful that such “attacks” keep coming in through the day at home and workplace. Nonetheless, it would help if you did not let that affect you in any way.


As said earlier, micro-stresses are like “building blocks” of more significant stress. This increased stress is not something that you want, as it can disrupt your life in a big way, and when things go out of control, it will be difficult for you to deal with the stress.
It is said that “nip the problem in its bud stage.” Similarly, before the micro-stresses pile up to take the form of something big and profound, it is better to deal with it early and move on.

  • Select and tackle a few micro-stresses at a time: Trying to be super-human and finding solutions to all problems at once is not a practical or wise thing to do. Review your day’s routine and figure out a couple of issues that bothered you. Try to talk with someone to get their viewpoint and find a viable solution. Tackling one thing at a time will ease a load off your mind.
  • Be in a positive environment: Always think and be positive. This single trait helps a person overcome any obstacle or stress in life. Why look at the dark cloud and sulk? Instead, learn to appreciate the silver lining that circles it. Experience is very similar in manner. After every adverse incident, there is something fantastic round the bend. Try to be in the company of people who are full of positivity and optimism. People who have lived a life of a broader spectrum have a confident approach to managing difficulties. Learn a few lessons from them.
  • Keep away from troublemakers: Some people and activities give you stress when you connect with them. Now that we are looking for means to lead a stress-free life, make every possible effort to distance yourself from these harmful sources.


Micro-stresses cause unnecessary tensions in our lives, affecting our productivity and overall performance at work and at home. Taking care to keep such situations under control and moving ahead confidently is the biggest mantra of a successful life.