The inherent emotional capability of a person acts as a driver for personal and professional success. Empathy is a broad term that implies sharing and understanding others’ feelings and urges you to understand, look within, and know yourself! You might have read posts about developing emphatical curiosity for your employees and stakeholders. However, the current situation has allowed us to introspect and generate interest in ourselves. We all have empathetic potential; however, it remains unexplored due to stressful and target driven jobs.

Should empathy be a response to empathy?

It is a very thoughtful question! If someone comes to you and conveys that he is feeling unsettled because of negativity around, what would you do? It depends upon the rapport you share with that person. If he is your friend, you might prefer to listen to him and guide him on the next steps. If you share a very formal relationship with this person, you might empathize, say ‘this too shall pass’ and end the conversation with no direction? In the latter case, he might feel light because someone has listened and empathized with him; however, is this the right approach?

The unfortunate part is most of us nurture empathy for people around us but often fail to develop it towards ourselves! What is the result? We feel miserable during the distressed economy and feel everything is falling apart! We get surrounded by joy and anger, frustration, and thrill, fear of sadness because we fail to understand ourselves! We look for empathy around, but the real answer lies within us!

Being empathetic makes one a better leader; however, don’t you feel we often fail to empathize with ourselves? As CEO of Global investment strategies, I can understand the pain and agony that all investors are going through during this pandemic! Retail investors might still survive, but corporate investors are struggling hard to balance between liquidity and return. When someone is uncertain of the surroundings, it is very natural to happen! However, these unfamiliar and unsettling feelings should give birth to insatiable curiosity.

Curiosity is the driver to act.

Curiosity will act as a driver to foster the enactment of various decisions that need critical assessment now. Your fears and insecurities should become your strength as they will drive you to make a tough decision! They will give you purpose and teach how to sail through modern times.

Accept & respect your decisions, learn if they prove to be wrong.

Nobody knows what is right or wrong in this situation. May be your decision to lay off employees is illegal, or maybe your decision to keep them on rolls by drawing loans is also wrong, but how would you know unless you make that move? There is no rule book, my dear friend! You need to be curious to take a break, relax your mind, and gather facts! You will get your answer.

They say, more curious individuals tend to be more empathetic. Well, I would suggest you discover yourself! Your journey would answer if the current surroundings are depressing or opportunistic!