Workplace culture is an essential aspect of every business. It requires adequate time to develop because once built, it can be hard to amend. It requires you to risk, focus, and lead courageously. Today’s workplace has opened more doors to women’s leadership for some reason. For instance, statistics indicate that women have been unrepresented in most boardrooms for quite a while now.

Besides, Millennials have taken hold and are allowing their opinions to be heard, unlike was the case before. Also, the workplace has evolved and considers both genders. This evolution is after companies realized the importance of diversity.

Women in the workplace

Today, women come up with different organizational settings as compared to their male counterparts. While this is not meant to create any stereotypes, companies have to be careful because men and women communicate differently.

Women are more inclined to build relationships and collaborate during problem-solving. It is also evident that women have broader intentions of making the workplace environment a trusting one. It is, therefore, essential to understand the current global stage and stay updated. For this reason, your company has to open doors for highly competent women.

Psychological safety has come into picture in the global workplace. Everyone wants an assurance that their voices are heard and their opinions put into consideration.

What we learn from psychological safety and restoring trust
Does your company consider psychological safety? Does it also face some issues surrounding trust? You need to ask yourself what it takes to rebuild trust. It calls for different elements, as discussed below:

Cultivate empathy

Every employee has to understand that their actions can encourage or lock other people out. You should challenge your employees to examine whether their actions give the impression that they are open listeners to the viewpoints of others. How do they react when their opinions do not match?

Acknowledge other people

As an employee, you have to appreciate the efforts done by other people. It does not mean agreeing with their ideas if they do not match yours. Instead, it is about listening to their opinions. What do you do to their views after this? Take time to discuss it further.

Speak truth to power

As an employer, how free are your employees when speaking the truth to you? If you are not open to the truth coming from the lips of your employees, you will miss out big time.

As an employer, feel challenged to review whether your company has equal opportunities for women. You also have to consider how to restore trust throughout the organization by making it part of the organizational culture.