Recently one of our clients asked us to help him find a new bank for his successful business!

It became apparent to me why he had incredible success—he had a clear vision of how his financial relationship should be with his family business!

His needs were on point: convenient locations, competitive rates, and a bank that can work with his team of professionals/advisors. He took a holistic approach to how his company should partner with the bank, as it should be a real partnership!

1) Good Listener

It’s a high-level client who warranted the bank to take the time to meet him and see his facilities and understand his business goals—as well as of the industry as a whole—and the opportunities to tailor-fit recommendations for his organization’s success. A banker that listens well understands that “one size doesn’t fit all” and will put forth the effort toward long-term success.

2) Service-Oriented

It’s simple: establish rapport with our client to create a robust profitable banking relationship with clear communication (no bank jargon). This old-fashioned personal service mirrors that of his business and the legendary customer service experience of his customers. Hence, he expects the same high-level service from his banker.

3) Customer Service

Our client has a solid balance sheet, and his business was built through exemplary customer service! He is looking for a banker who shares his professionalism—routinely return phone calls, promptly reply to emails, and provide honest and direct answers! This also includes the banker’s availability for meeting on site when needed.

4) Senior Management Participation

Our team needs access to the bank’s senior management on occasion. Certainly having one good point person at the bank is valuable, but access to senior management/decision-makers offer additional insight and connections—which is priceless. Building familiarity also increases clients’ overall comfort level in the banking relationship!

5) Business Expertise

The client is dominant in his specific field, and he wants his banker to deeply understand his industry, competitors, trends, and challenges.

We introduced our client to the appropriate bank that fits his needs, and it was invaluable to his business. The bank meets his financial needs today and is a solid advisor for the future of the company!

If you are exploring your options to enhance your business’s financial strategies, feel free to contact us at or call us at 520-360-8177!

Doug McClure
Global Investment Strategies, LLC