Are you stressed? Everybody experiences stress once in a while. It is normal for stress to emerge from the daily demands of life. One tends to feel mentally and emotionally pressured to a non-manageable level. When stress is prolonged, it can affect one’s health. We can prevent the adverse effects of stress by seeking to cope or reduce stress. Below are five amazing blogs that you can always look at for all your stress and stress management needs:

1. Headspace

This is both an app and a blog. Its major focus is on meditation. According to research, meditation tends to trim down feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. They can ease physical symptoms, such as pain caused by stress. The application is a personal guideline for people’s minds and works by trying to calm them.

Headspace gives its subscribers some tools to help them cope with stress triggers. Its packs include relationships, health, communication, and flying among others. The blog has topics such as why mediation is of benefit. Its recommended tip is for people to take 10 minutes every day to take a deep breath and meditate. It has various articles that can be beneficial to you.

2. Run Wild Retreats + Wellness

Started in 2010 by Elinor Fish, the company presents running and wellness sessions in the US, Spain, Switzerland, and Iceland. These sessions focus on stress reduction so that runners can maintain vitality and energy. Exercise is a perfect way of reducing stress. It also reduces fatigue and boosts alertness. Aerobics, including running, can also decrease tension, improve self-esteem, mood and sleep.

Run Wild Retreats + Wellness subscribers benefit from mindful running as a start then helps them to regulate the running as a way to build fitness and reduce stress. It also has 3 helpful articles for users to benefit from.

3. The Journey Junkie

This blog combines yoga, travel, and life. It has an easy step by step tutorials, meditations, and programs for yoga fans. Yoga helps people with their mental health. It is effective in dealing with stress and depression. It relaxes the body and mind, reduces stress during pregnancy and postpartum depression. The blog has videos that help people stretch sore muscles, neck, and shoulders. It has 5 different positions, and 3 posts to help you relax and unwind.

4. Sleep Junkies

It seeks to inform and create awareness about the benefits of sleep. Sleep is a life-giver, changes lives and makes people happier, stronger and healthier. Its recommended tip is that people should do things that promote good sleep. Some of these are stress management, having a sleep-and-wake routine, and seeking professional assistance with sleep disorders. It has three blog posts for you to conquer stress.

5. The Cooper Review

This blog has articles, cartoons, and videos with corporate humor. It is a perfect blog during your stressful workdays. The laughter, chortles, and giggles are good for your stress management. Humor helps to reduce stress hormones, boost mood and memory. It has 3 stress-relieving articles for you.

Whenever you feel stressed, now you know where to go!