Going The Extra Mile: 8 Smart Tips To Boost Employee Engagement In Your Small Business

It is difficult to succeed in business without the help of your employees. As an entrepreneur, manager/CEO or team leader, it is important to come up with a strategy on how to get your employees to their best at all times. For them to remain profoundly committed and give their 100% in what they do, they need motivation from you. Employee engagement is the best tool for making them go the extra mile. Generally, employee engagement is the key to satisfaction, commitment, talents retention, increased productivity and team building.

Here are 8 nifty tips to boost employee engagement in your business

1. Be a good role model

A team is as good as its leadership. Consider practicing what you preach and others will follow your footsteps. Bad leaders tend to drink wine when they preach water. Your subordinates are always taking notes and get powered by their leadership. Create a work environment that’s positive for your core values to be achieved collectively by your team.

2. Value them

Engaged employees tend to work harder when they feel appreciated. Prioritize on making them part of your success story by defining their expected roles clearly, and accepting them for who they are. Make them believe that their input is highly valued and they will go the extra mile for you.

3. Be optimistic

Boost your team’s spirits by being optimistic all the time. They need to be surrounded by positive energy for them to do better. Recognize then appreciate their efforts, and encourage them to learn from their mistakes. Optimism boosts their confidence, builds trust and encourages employees to be more productive.

4. Facilitate good communication

Miscommunication hinders employee engagement. Employees don’t like being confined to uncertainties and ambiguousness. Work on your communication skills to create rapport within your team. Foster a culture that encourages open and collaborative communication between your employees. Be ready to listen to their grievances, opinions and offer amicable solutions through effective communication.

5. Get the right people on board

Hiring the right people for the right positions boosts employee engagement effectively. You need to work with people who want to be a part of your success journey no matter the challenges they may encounter along the way. Get a team that resonates with your core mission and are willing to do what it takes to achieve the set goals collaboratively.

6. Spend in learning and career development

Employees need to be put through regular learning and training sessions to boost their careers. Show them that you truly care about their careers development by investing in them. Give them unlimited learning opportunities to improve their skills and productivity.

7. Invest in team-building activities

Success is not always all about working tirelessly. Keep your employees engaged by investing in exciting team building activities such as winner/loser, scavenger hunt, the perfect square, human knot, the egg drop, and the minefield among others. Such outdoor team building activities boost employees’ morale and confidence which should be enough to motivate them to perform even better.

8. Treat them fairly and show gratitude

Treating your employees fairly in terms of promotions, salaries increment, learning opportunities, leave days and training is a perfect way of engaging them. Don’t shy from expressing your gratitude both privately and publicly if you want them to reach their full potentials. Recognition breeds loyalty, confidence, and trust.


Treat your employees’ right and they’ll extend the same to your customers.