How Leaders Leave Unforgettable Legacies

Most commonly, the majority of leaders don’t ever leave a legacy. They are usually forgotten when they leave an organization, or rarely ever mentioned. There are also even leaders who leave a negative legacy. The most desirable leaders leave powerful legacies that live on for years and even decades.

Leaving a legacy lives through people, not results. A positive impact will ripple far beyond your tenure when you connect, develop, and inspire. After you’ve recognized that leaving a positive legacy is important, take a look at these tips that will aid you in leaving a longstanding legacy.

1. Prioritize people over results

Human beings remember the way people make them feel, not the number of sales they reached 10 years ago. Pay attention to conversations you have with your co-workers/employees/team. Are your conversations always results based? It may be beneficial to make them feel good by asking about their day before getting straight down to business.

2. Invest your time and money

By investing in your employee’s professional growth, not only are you boosting their confidence, but you are also improving their future, meaning your legacy will live on longer and grow further. See where your employees want to develop, by training them in areas they want to grow can be good for them and the business.

3. Connect in person

Nothing can substitute human interaction. it is easy to come across as a demanding leader via email. Make an extra effort to connect personally with your employees whether in person or via phone, it will make whatever you want to say more personal and it will have more effectiveness.

4. Control less; empower more

Empower your team to make intelligent decisions on their own. This makes your employees feel more valued and in turn, they will become better at independent work. These skills will continue long after you are their leader, leaving a lasting legacy behind.

5. Model behavior you want to last

You want your employees to learn by example, this is more effective than listening to you. Perhaps have them sit in on meetings and calls so they can observe you at work. Make sure you’re demonstrating the behaviors you’d like to see them portray.

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