For any organization to run successfully, it is essential to have a team of sensible, experienced, and local people that exude positivity in the workplace and make it grow.

However, it is not possible to come across genuinely good and kind people to work for you. The world is full of individuals who have bitterness and rudeness flowing through their veins. Every individual and personality is different from one another, and it is better to steer clear of any negativity or incivility.

Thus, it is vital to exercise caution while appointing a recruit. Every precaution should be taken to do a proper analysis of the candidate to ascertain his / her suitability for the job. So what are the parameters that you can set to finalize the candidate?

Well, an experienced and critical recruiter will be able to scan the candidate effectively and bring forth negative findings. 


It is said, “the first impression is the last impression.” Likewise, the first impression of the candidate is always exhibited at the front desk/reception. Discreet feedback about how the candidate presented himself at the first meet says a lot of things about his mannerisms, politeness, friendliness, and overall composure.

A person who is respectful and cordial will undoubtedly be an asset to the organization since there will be no adjustment issues. Such people blend easily in the environment and work amicably with co-workers. Hence, there are fewer ego or opinion clashes at the workplace, and things move smoothly. On the other hand, a rude and brash person is sure to disrupt the company’s peace and cause monetary damage by creating a nuisance that may call for filing a lawsuit in extreme cases. Therefore, an uncivilized person is a total no-no for the company. 


It is an everyday norm to ask for a few references where one can cross-check the candidate’s credibility. Ensure that the recommendations give you an unbiased opinion about the person and help you gain an insight into the person’s personality and other nuances. Nonetheless, please understand this well that since the candidate himself provides the list of references, there are strong chances of the opinions and feedbacks being fabricated to glorify the otherwise unpleasant image. Therefore, relying entirely on the references is not advisable. 


Apart from the references that the candidate furnishes, there are other sources from which you can collect the person’s accurate information. A little effort of hunting down former colleagues, employers, or former classmates can help you collect invaluable and impromptu data about the candidate and that too without his knowledge.

Do these people talk good about him /her? Do they appreciate the person’s sincerity, friendly disposition, and helpful nature, or do they resent having known the person? These are some points that can help you gauge the candidate’s character before the final selection. 


An employer or an interviewer has no right to judge a person for his / her civilized nature if they are rude and arrogant to the core.

Thus, before recruiting a candidate, check your civility and understand if you are setting an excellent example of moral values and kindness. After all, the employee is going to follow in your footsteps as a leader and role model.

It is not enough to be just a talented and skilled worker. Humility, friendliness, and kindness go a long way to make a workplace successful and productive.