A study by the American Psychological Association discovered that workplace stress is a significant issue in the United States. Most employees have experienced work-related stress at some time in their careers. Regrettably, excessive stress can have drastic effects on your creativity, innovativeness, productivity, social/family life and career. Are you a victim of workplace stress? Well, mindfulness can help you overcome workplace stress effectively.

How do I beat workplace stress with mindfulness?

To triumph over workplace stress through mindfulness meditation, consider the following suggestions;

Practice Mindful Breathing

Breathing is one of the best meditation tactics. Just focus on breathing and forget about everything else. Practicing mindful breathing at least for a few minutes per day can help calm your mind extensively. Stop what you’re doing for a moment. Take 3-5 mindful breaths without allowing anything to distract you. Do this whenever you feel overwhelmed by stress and you’ll experience mesmerizing calmness even in the most complicated situations.

Exercise Mindful Speech

Words are very powerful. The words you speak will always define the person you are or who you are not. Refrain yourself from throwing words carelessly without caring whether what you say will hurt others or not. Remember, the words you use can either depict your intelligence or ignorance. Take a second and think of their consequences. Sometimes, our choice of words come back to haunt us thus triggering stress. Practicing mindful speech gives you total control of your words. With a calm mind, your well-thought words will promote love, respect, healing, transformation, and harmony. All these lead to a better working environment and reduced stress for you.

Embrace mindful walking

How often do you take a walk? Well, consider practicing mindful walking daily to fight workplace stress. Walking is an excellent technique for those looking to free themselves from excessive stress. Refrain from driving everywhere and start walking to and from work daily. For more effectiveness, take each and every step with deeper awareness.

Consider Deep Listening

Do you listen to reply or to understand? Most people have a tendency of listening with the aim of replying rather than understanding. Unfortunately, they hardly take a moment to think about their replies when engaging in conversations. Practicing deep listening works effectively when you are able to focus your attention on what others are saying without allowing your mind to wander off elsewhere. Maintaining direct eye contact with people during conversations shows your respect, appreciation, and sincerity leading to improved relationships and effective communication.


Mindfulness meditation is an excellent remedy for workplace stress as it leads to better decision making, increased clarity, steadier emotions, immense peace of mind and improved inner strength.