There are dreamers, and there are doers, this is a well-known proverb, that is widely accepted as truth. And people take this maxim as either side of the can; you can be one or another, coexistence is not possible. We have often perceived leadership profiles in unique facets; the two most common ones are visionaries and the operators. The former type embraces strategy, whereas the latter one makes things happen. However, a true leader excels at both facets.

Driven by the common notion, we tend to separate leaders based on two skill sets — those who strategize and envision and the executed who get the task done. This division establishes further systemic endorsement of the gap between strategy and execution. The era of considering strategy and execution as uniquely distinctive properties are ending fast. There is a need for leaders who can both envision big things and accomplish envisioned things. As per the journal published by Harvard Business Review, only eight percent of the leaders exhibit both properties useful vision and execution.

Highly innovative and successful executives grew their businesses on account of their ability to make big promises to customers and help their businesses to deliver on those promises.

Here are what we believe are the tickets to excel at both strategizing and execution.

The secret to becoming both a visionary and executer is defining strategies into every day, every characteristic, and every task. How to achieve that?

Pin your culture to work 


Communication is an active element in ensuring a strategy lives in every niche and corner of your organization. Rightful communication helps in facilitating responsibility and buying-in to create a culture of devotion for enforcing the vision.  


Boost employee engagement via effective communication and procure a forum for employees to share feedback. All the team members must be well-informed about your company’s goals, strategies, and tactics to all the team members.

Pursue visibility 


Visibly showcase your endeavors and encourage your employees by demonstrating how their efforts connect to crucial initiatives that tighten the levers of your bigger strategic goals. Keep the management team immersed with how you are advancing so they can offer support and insight for more inspiration.


A regular company review and assessment of project goals with the employees create prospects for innovations. Custom dashboards can be created to demonstrate the endeavors of the employee; this encourages visibility throughout the company.

Right Investment


Typically, a vision or strategy receives a tiny budget. New proposals are rarely provided with the necessary resources to succeed in this thin and optimized world of cost savings, achievement improvement, and functional excellence.


The key step is to quantify the return on investments of all the on-going projects and envisioned strategies. Strive to stabilize cash flow prerequisites with business processes while toiling through the costs and complexities of the planning. The investments can be undertaken by professionals who understand the complexities of a business and help create strategies that work.

It isn’t very easy to have the vision and have an eye on all the tasks necessary to outperform competitors, simultaneously. However, by creating a potential company culture and your company can develop to help you grow and excel.