Every business owner wants employees to be productive. Striking an excellent work/life balance makes employees happy, and translates to high productivity. Striking this balance can be a tricky process. Some people would prefer working from home, while others find remote working a problematic task.

Advances in technology have made this arrangement possible, and most employers allow their employees to choose their preferred way of working. Here are suggestions to help you strike this balance:

Do not overwork them

Your employees may find it difficult to say no to you. Therefore, as their boss, it is up to you to discern whether a particular employee has too much pilling work on them. You can assist your employees in having control over their workload by holding prioritization reviews and regular meetings.

Encourage them to take breaks.

While most employers do not like this, it is an essential aspect of striking a work/life balance. Your employees may also be tempted to forego their lunch breaks, especially during a busy schedule. However, you have to encourage them to take these breaks. You could avail of a discounted gym or wellness session during this time.

Avail flexible working hours.

Your employees may be willing to work from home. But are you ready to allow this flexibility? Having flexible working hours is a way of reducing stress because employees will have more control over their working day. Therefore, granting them a chance to work from home might be a sure way to boost their productivity.

If your employees have young children, allow them some hours in the morning to attend to them. They could like to take them to school or have some parent-child time. This flexibility will be a massive weight off their shoulders, and they will perform better.

Do not focus much on time.

If your company is the type that encourages employees to report extra early and leave super late, it is time to change this culture. Focus on goals and results instead of focusing on the amount of time the employees spend in the office.

Offer more holidays.

While employee holidays may sound counterproductive to your company, it might yield more for your business. When they have some time away from work, they are more likely to return refreshed hence working better. Employees feel rewarded for their excellent work.

When employees feel overworked, they lose morale to work because they do not have enough time for their families. Similarly, when they do not take breaks during their working day, their minds get tired and will not perform to their best. It is, therefore, important to offer flexible working hours and offs and be goal and result-oriented.