Daily team meetings are crucial for keeping every person in the business or team on track. This leads to higher productivity and translates to more profits for the business owner. However, team meetings are plagued with various issues that make them less effective. To counter this, here are ways that you can make your morning meetings productive:

Be brief

Ensure the morning meetings have a short time period. This will ensure that every person is on point and that the flow of the morning schedule is not affected.

Standing up

Since most meetings are held around a table, why not try standing up? By standing up, the team thinks better, stays awake and will be more engaged.

Start time

The start time of a meeting is crucial in many ways. When you have a consistent start time, you cut on stragglers. Besides when you start a meeting on time, you will be done on time.

Speaking order

When holding team meetings, you want your team to be focused. When you are constrained to a particular speaking order, the team might grow used to this and therefore not concentrate much. To counter this, you could change the speaking order daily and this will keep everyone on their toes and keen not to miss any information.

Make it fun

You will go a notch higher by increasing the energy in the meetings. To do this, you could have different snacks, incorporate colors, make random jokes or even music. When you start a team meeting with some laughter or fresh news, you boost the energy in the meeting room. Ensure that you occasionally switch these activities to avoid people getting used to a routine.

Encourage speaking

Meetings should have an atmosphere that encourages people to speak. Open the floor so that you get both the extroverts and introverts speaking. Encourage the participants to raise questions and to speak up as it is the core reason why team meetings are held in the first place.

Applaud successes

Meetings are ideal for keeping team members on the know on wins. You can boost the motivation of team members by appreciating an achievement. For example, you can take advantage of meetings to celebrate success stories with customers. By celebrating success, you will be promoting the company’s culture and mission.

Keep members on track

Oftentimes, meetings go off track when people go off topic and this leads to another meeting. You can stop this by giving one person the role of giving direction to a meeting. They should be allowed to speak up in case members don’t stick to the topic.

Boring morning meetings should be a thing of the past and instead, taking advantage of the perks that result from a focused team meeting.