Is your time at the office all about ticking off items from your bottomless to-do list? Do you ever take some time to appreciate the progress you’ve made thus far? In the workplace, it’s not unusual for an individual to get through every day without even noticing the accomplishments they make along the way. However, this doesn’t mean that it is right. If you are in such a rut, mindfulness may be the solution. To get you started, here are some smart ways to sneak in mindfulness into your schedule:

Most are turned off by the idea of mindfulness because they think that they need to block out huge amounts of time to conduct, say, 30-minute meditation sessions. This couldn’t be further from the truth. An exercise as simple as focused breathing will do the job in any situation.

In addition to focused breathing, you could also try out conscious concentration. This is not only a skill you need in your bag, but it’s also a habit that you have to build into your routine. You can look up exercises that will help alter your mindset and help to ease your anxiety.

With the constant demands in the workplace, it’s no wonder if you work up your stress levels. If you are often stressed and don’t have much time to carry out exercises, you’re in luck. Your breathing can be a grounding anchor to help bring down the stress levels. By carrying out less than 10-minute breathing exercises, you can aid in easing your mood.

Breathing shouldn’t be the only exercise you use to increase mindfulness. You can also choose to be more observant, attentive and appreciative too.
Mindfulness also means being conscious of others in your surroundings. The most effective way you can do this is by holding meaningful conversations with your colleagues. This entails being in the conversation and not thinking about other things. With active listening, you will make both sides of the conversation feel fulfilled.

Mindfulness entails bringing some calm into your life. This can also be accomplished by starting your day on the right beat. By having a morning routine that you stick to, you will be prepared to handle anything that may come your way during the day.

And if you feel that you have absolutely no time for mindfulness, there’s another remedy for you. By occasionally taking breaks, you will keep adding things on track and avoid feeling overwhelmed. So if you are at the workplace and you feel like strolling or taking a coffee break, give in to the urge.