Monthly or annual meetings held between employees, board members or investors can quickly become tedious and boring if you do not work towards making them interesting. For example, when your meetings are confined to a boardroom, they turn out too stiff and formal. The members grow disinterested, and they may have a hard time staying awake. To make meetings interesting, you need to inject a surge of excitement into them, and there are various ways you can do this. Here is a list of them:

Agenda-led meetings

Each time you converge employees into the conference room, you should have an agenda in mind. Gathering them and then repeating previous topics just doesn’t cut it.

If you are hosting pre-scheduled meetings like meetings with investors or clients, plan them with a specific aim and goal in mind that you hope to accomplish. Seek the services of a moderator to have the talkers on task and to have the meeting grounded on the agenda.

Delegate significant tasks

When you hog all the tasks in organizing the meeting, your fellow employees might not feel part of it. However, by delegating important tasks to the other employees, they will develop an interest and eagerness for the event as they participated in organizing it.

Provide edibles

Food is a great incentive and people converse a lot when eating. You can bet on it that your employees will be eager to attend the meeting and be attentive if there are edibles. If you have a meeting with business associates or clients, you create better relations while on a meal together. It is also good for breaking barriers and provides for a comfortable environment.

If you can’t provide a meal, snacks and beverages will do. You don’t want attendees of your meeting growing hungry and their attention drifting.

Visual Aids

If you are making presentations, spice them up by using slideshows and visual aids to keep the audience engaged. You can even include videos and audio to make the concept clearer. By using all these techniques in your presentation, you’ll be able to break the boring patterns in traditional meetings.

Change venues

In most cases, hosting a meeting in a boardroom sucks the fun out of the meeting. If you want to regain the lost charm, consider hosting the meetings in new venues such as in a restaurant or in the outdoors like on a golf course. Everyone will benefit from being out of doors as they relax and enjoy the time.