It is possible to find yourself losing the best employee in 10 days, regardless of their expertise and tenure. It so happens that leaders fail to notice the time and energy they apply fixing issues instead causes more problems. You do not wish this to happen to the most productive employees in your company, do you? Below are notes on how to lose your best employee in 10 days:

Failing to listen to employees

Failing to listen to your employees’ advice and ideas is a sure way of losing them within a short time. These employees may not be part of the executive, but they are responsible for solving conflicts and issues every other day. These employees may have the best knowledge and highest experience within the team. Therefore, unless you plan to lose an employee, listen to them.

Failure to stand with them

Except for the CEO, your work as a leader is to mediate between the top management and employees. Your workers need the assurance that you have their best interest at heart. They need to know that they can count on you. It crushes their spirits to know that their supervisor does not stand by them. Therefore, as their leader, you have to fight for them. Failure to this, you will lose them in no time.

Failing to hold yourself to similar standards as them

Your employees will not respect you if you do not walk the talk. Loss of respect happens you expect them to do as you say not as you do. For instance, if you wish them to be on time, you have to lead by example; be there on time too. For them to dress professionally, let them copy from you. Lack of standards will demoralize your employees.

Not offering them support for growth and development.

Best performing employees have a common desire for growth and development in their careers. Poorly engaged employees lose focus for climbing the ladder with a current employer if they do not get this support.

You will lose your most talented employees within a short time if you do not offer them opportunities for growth in your company.

No autonomy

While it is essential for you as the business owner to set standards and give directives, it is good to allow employees to make independent decisions and carry out business operations on their own. Once you delegate duties to them, micromanaging them will be unnecessary.
It might not be in your intention to chase your talented employees. However, it is essential to look out for these and other actions that demoralize them. This way, you will retain your employees.