After presenting your skills and abilities in several job interviews, you finally received an offer. Of course, you might be excited, but this is not the only option in your career. The chances are that you are still interviewing for the dream company and have a few other offers in hand about which you are unsure. Naturally, you would not like to lose the current proposal; however, at the same time, you might be willing to see how well the interview goes with other companies. So, what can you do in this situation? Here we have listed a few trusted tips from professionals at Global Investment Strategies to help you manage the current job offer while handling the other scheduled interviews.

Ask for some time

When you receive the offer, the first thing you need to do is show some excitement. If you do not show a positive tone, you may risk the offer being pulled back. Therefore, it is good to let the recruiter know that you are excited about the job and are grateful to get this opportunity. In the next step, you can ask for some time to decide about joining. It is essential to check the reaction of a recruiter at this point. They may not be willing to give you much time because they need a candidate to handle the work immediately; in this scenario, you can ask them for a reasonable duration of time to give your response.

Meet more people in the company

If it is not in your hands to control the time to consider the offer, it is better to ask for some time to meet people in the office and learn about the work culture. Even if the office is empty, take a tour to get some idea about the workspace, teams, and culture. Try to schedule the visit at a gap of a few days so that you can finish the pending interview by then.

Reject offers that you find irrelevant.

If you have interviewed at companies that you do not find more relevant to your interest, it is better to inform those recruiters that you have another offer in hand and want to accept that. Do not show poor behavior; it is good to have a positive impression on recruiters because you may need them in the future. Ensure you treat the hiring team with respect and appreciate their time to interview you.

Take the job but ask for a delayed joining.

The new candidate can start his job within two to four weeks after receiving the job interview. If you can sustain this time financially, it is better to ask for some time to finish the interview process with other companies and get a clear idea about the possibilities. But make sure you handle this with a comfortable conversation and inform them as soon as possible when you have changed your mind.

These simple tips and tricks can help you get into your dream job with ease.